This actress will impress you: Rebecca Marder lights up the comedy Les Goûts et les…

Meeting with Rebecca Marder, revelation of the romantic and musical comedy, on the bill: Les tastes et les couleurs, new film by Michel Leclerc, behind the success of Le Nom des gens. Interview-portrait with a young girl who is doing well.

We saw it light up Sandrine Kiberlain’s first feature film, A young girl who is well, at the beginning of the year. And while waiting to discover it in the event film Simone, the trip of the centuryin which she plays young Simone Veil, Rebecca Marder27, enchants her world in Tastes and colorsat the cinema this Wednesday, June 22.

In this romantic and musical comedy, in which she shares the poster with Felix Moati and Judith Chemla in particular, Rebecca Marder, and shows there a little more the extent of her talent since she sings there.

She plays Marcia, a passionate young singer. She records an album with her idol Daredjane (Judith Chemla), rock icon of the 1970s, but she suddenly disappears. To release their album, she must convince Daredjane’s beneficiary, Anthony (Félix Moati), a marketer in a small town, who has never liked his distant relative and even less his music. Between good and bad taste, popular and chic, sincerity and lies, their two worlds collide…

This actress will impress you Rebecca Marder lights up the
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Félix Moati and Rebecca Marder in The Tastes and Colors of Michel Leclerc

Musical film therefore, while waiting for its first real musical in the cinema (it will be in the credits of The Great Magic of Noemie Lvovsky, in theaters soon), but was it obvious for her to sing? And where does Rebecca Marder’s gift for singing come from? We asked her the question during an interview during which she agreed to come back on her journey.

I sing since childhood. I did choir for a long time. It was even through the choir that I made my first film because I was singing in a district conservatory. There’s a casting director coming by, looking for a kid for a kiddie comedy. (Ask children for permission by Éric Civanyan, in 2007, Ed.). That’s how I started making movies.”

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Rebecca Marder in Ask the Kids Permission, 2007

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Bruno Calvo – Gaumont

Here with Gad Elmaleh in La Rafle by Rose Bosch, in 2010.

“Learning music theory lessons, the piano, the saxophone, all that… I’ve always sung: at the Comédie-Française, I did musical shows, in particular a show on Gainsbourg, who was called Serge, I With this film by Michel Leclerc today, it’s the first time that I’ve been offered a singing role in the cinema.“.

Singing in the cinema, was it a dream? “Yes, it was a dream, because even as a spectator, it was often musicals that made me want to do this job. Whether on stage or in the cinema. Musicals, it makes you want to be with them so much!“She quotes, with stars in her eyes, Singing in the rain, West Side Story, the films of Jaques Demy, but also Hairspray by John Waters…

Love to sing to the point of making it his job? “My father is a musician, bassist and composer (Marc Marder, Editor’s note), so it’s true that it already belonged to someone. I have the impression that the cobbler’s son is always the worst shod!

Singing frees me completely.

I took piano lessons for ten years. My father was quite demanding. I really have memories of me, at six years old, in front of the piano, in tears, blocked! The song? Why not do some maybe without the cinema.”

For the actors, we say to ourselves that to sing is to be exposed, even more than to act without singingshe continues at our microphone. Except that personally, I have the impression that my singing voice is much more assured than my speaking voice. My speaking voice may be a little timorous. Singing frees me completely. This stage fright was therefore a little removed.”

His departure from the Comédie-Française at the start of the year

Rebecca Marder evokes, above, the Comédie-Française, a prestigious institution where she officiated for 7 years, from 20 to 27 years old. She has just left, last February, in order to leave more room for cinema and other projects. And because it corresponded to the end of a cycle: “7 years like 7 years of reflection or the age of reason” she said with a smile. The theater is what protected her: “it’s a lot of muscle“.”There is something very artisanal about the theater“, she adds.

On her journey and her tutelary figures, she first mentions a pillar of this institution, in the person of Eric Ruf. “It was he who hired me at the French and who changed my life“. From one tutelary figure to another, Rebecca Marder greets Dominique Blanc, whom she also rubbed shoulders with thanks to the Comédie-Française.

Offering trust is what gives you wings

We didn’t know each other and after three weeks of rehearsal, she took me under her wing, offering me a coffee. She said to me: “I’m looking at you, you have an extraordinary ability to listen, but now you’re going to give me the pleasure of stopping acting like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame and turning your back on the public, and regaining confidence in you”. I wondered how she had figured me out, when it was a moment when I doubted; I said to myself, I’m not good, I’m not made for this. She said to me: if you still doubt, you call me, and if you doubt again, you call me back!

With these kind of people, it can just be a word. When it’s someone you look up to, it changes your life“, she recognizes, with esteem for the actress Dominique Blanc.

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Rebecca Marder and Sandrine Kiberlain on the Cannes red carpet in 2021. Rebecca Marder stars in Une fille qui va bien.

And finally, the third figure that counted in his journey, Sandrine Kiberlain : “in the kind of generosity of an actress towards another actress… it’s crazy what she offered me. Offering trust is what gives you wings. I have never been loved at work as she loved me. It’s the best gift, it’s a rare encounter“.

In the younger generation, who are the actors and actresses she has bonded with over time? “In strong game encounters, there is Indian Hair (with whom she precisely shares the poster of A young girl who is well, Editor’s note.). She was the best partner I’ve ever had in my life. I admire him artistically and humanly. She gives so much that we live the scene fully. She’s very real in the game and so hardworking.”

“I could also quote Suliane Brahimwho was my colleague at the Comédie-Française (and seen in particular in The Cloud of Just Philippot). Same, she moves me to the highest degree.” She also names Pauline Clementfrom the Comédie-Française. “Those are my three girlfriends, really.

I am lucky for the moment to have participated in projects that I find too beautiful. I don’t feel betrayed at all, neither in my choices, nor in my tastes, nor in my convictions. The film Les Goûts et les couleurs also talks about this: who has the monopoly on good taste?“Soon, besides simonein which she plays Simone Veil from 15 to 27 years old, we can see her in a political thriller, named great expectations.

What exactly are his “hopes“? What can you wish for her that she hadn’t played yet?”I would like to shoot a comedy with Nakache-Toledano. Filming abroad, too. My father is American so it would be a bit of a dream to be able to play in the United States.”. And to add:I want to play everything, and these are encounters each time with a role. I continue to go to castings. I’m not offered roles like that on a set.

The new feature film by Michel Leclerc, Les tastes et les couleurs, with Rebecca Marder, is to be discovered this Wednesday, June 22, 2022 at the cinema.