They were ten: the event series adapted by Agatha Christie finally arrives in August on M6

They were ten: the event series adapted by agatha christie finally arrives in august on m6

Adapted from Agatha Christie’s bestseller, the series “They Were 10”, directed by Pascal Laugier (“Ghostland”), will be broadcast on M6 from August 17th. With the cast Guillaume de Tonquédec, Samuel Le Bihan, Manon Azem, or Romane Bohringer.

Remained two years in the boxes of the channel, the mini-series event They were ten, directed by Pascal Laugier (Martyrs, Ghostland), will finally be broadcast on M6 from Tuesday August 17 at 9:05 pm, at the rate of two episodes per week .

Produced by Sophie Revil and Denis Carot (Escazal Films), this new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s bestseller And Then There Were None, released 80 years ago in France under the title Ten Little Negroes, transposes for the first time the intrigue nowadays, on an apparently paradisiac island of the Caribbean, and plunges its protagonists in a nightmare which, Pascal Laugier obliges, draws its references in the horror cinema and the slashers.

It all begins when ten people, five women, five men, are invited to a deserted tropical island that houses a luxury hotel. The ten guests will quickly realize that they are alone on the island and cut off from the world, without a cell phone and no way to leave what will quickly turn out to be their worst nightmare.

Why were they drawn into this trap? The answer is hidden in their past, which they had all carefully buried. But today, under the scorching sun of the island, someone is determined to make them pay. In the end, there will be none left. So who is the murderer?

The scenario of They were ten, which alternates between scenes of survival and anguish on the island and flashbacks looking back on the past of the heroes, was entrusted to Jeanne Le Guillou and Bruno Dega, to whom we owe including The Lake Killer and Gloria. And this mini-series in six episodes can count on a cast of choice to attract viewers looking for a change of scenery and thrills.

Guillaume de Tonquédec, Samuel Le Bihan, Romane Bohringer, Marianne Denicourt, Patrick Mille, Matilda Lutz, Manon Azem, Nassim Si Ahmed, Samy Seghir, and Isabelle Candelier in fact encamped the ten heroes targeted by They were ten, alongside by Mathieu Demy, Virginie Ledoyen, Richard Bohringer, or Samir Boitard who complete the cast of this five-star cast.

Note that the six episodes of They Were Ten, presented last year at the Festival de la fiction TV, are already available in preview on the Salto streaming platform, as is the series Sauver Lisa. , which will also soon be broadcast on M6.

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