These stars who collect movie props

These stars who collect movie props

Between the filming accessories on board as souvenirs or the iconic objects of the 7th art bought at auction and preciously preserved, the heart of certain cinema talents swings …

Steven Spielberg owned the “Citizen Kane” sled

Léo Laumont / Screen capture

Here is indeed an iconic object of the cinema: Rosebud, the last word spoken by Charles Foster Kane in the film Citizen Kane was in fact the sledge of his youth, which ends up burnt with other possessions of the press magnate. While three models were made for the film, only one survived, and it was Steven Spiellberg who owned it for over 30 years, as he revealed on a BBC radio show in 2018. He had bought the sled. auctioned in 1982, for an amount of $ 55,000. He has since donated it to the Oscars museum.

Vanessa Paradis and Marilyn Monroe’s shoes


In an interview with the UK edition of the magazine Marie Claire, published in the summer of 2010, Vanessa Paradis revealed that her then-partner, Johnny Depp, had given her a rather generous gift: a pair of shoes worn by Marilyn Monroe, drawn by Salvatore Ferragamo. “It spoils me. (…) Marilyn is someone who touches me really deeply. I really admire the actress and the singer that she was. I love ‘Lazy’ and a lot of her songs. She had a very sweet voice “ she explained, without saying on which film the American actress had worn these shoes, but specifying all the same that there was no question of wearing them.

Chris Hemsworth and Mjölnir


When we have played the god of thunder several times in the Avengers saga, what could be more normal than leaving with a little souvenir? And as long as you get a souvenir from the shoot, you might as well choose a symbolic accessory: Mjölnir! Actor Chris Hemsworth thus revealed in the Jimmy Kimmel talk show, in January 2018, that he had recovered the famous hammer from the first Thor movie. But it’s only a hammer … Out of the five he has! And the person concerned to confide in passing that one of the hammers is in his bathroom, next to the WC. Nice!

Leonardo DiCaprio and the Maltese Falcon

Reserved rights

You may have spotted her in Once Upon a time … in Hollywood, during a shot where Margot Robbie examines her. The famous statuette of the Maltese Falcon in Tarantino’s film? Absolutely, and its owner is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio! The fate of this mythical resin statuette is incredible: missing for 50 years, it was bought for $ 8 in 1993 at a flea market by a documentary filmmaker, Ara Chekmayan. In 2000, it was auctioned, and sold for $ 92,000. Ten years later, King Leo bought it for the modest sum of $ 325,000!

Star Trek fan star Ben Stiller

Paramount Pictures

You may not know it, but Ben Stiller is a frozen lover of the Star Trek universe. So much so that he baptized his production company Red Hour Films, with reference to The Return of the Archons; which was the 21st episode of Season 1 aired in February 1967. Yes, that’s accurate. A love of the franchise that even drove him to collect authentic accessories. Like the head of Gorn, the cult reptilian and humanoid creature that appeared in Arena, an episode of the TV series broadcast in 1967, which was produced in only two copies. Or not one but two pairs of Spock ears, worn by Leonard Nimoy! A pair from the second season of the series, which can also be seen in the film Tropic Thunder, placed on Matthew McConaughey’s desk. And another from Star Trek: the movie. According to Ben Stiller, this second pair of ears was sent and signed by Nimoy. The (intergalactic) class!

Robert Downey Jr and his love of the Avengers

Marvel studios

Who could refuse anything to Robert Downey Jr, aka Tony Stark, who was paid no less than $ 50 million to shoot in the first film Avengers ? In an interview with the BBC Radio 1 in 2014, during which the journalist asked him what object he would have liked to take from the filming ofAvengers, the actor blurted out jokingly: “there is this” A “at the end of the film [NDR : la lettre figurant sur la tour ravagée de Tony Stark], which must probably be 9m tall, I look at it, we are filming in England, and I say to myself: “I want this in my office in Venice!” Two weeks ago, a delivery man came, I thought to myself: “what’s the matter here?” And they answered me: “you asked for it!” They really brought it to me ??? Now, I have a huge ‘A’ from the Avengers which will be placed prominently. If Downey Jr apparently likes to keep memories of filming at home, he was apparently disappointed not to be able to take one of his costumes from the previous Iron Man films. Even if he was still able to recover a few helmets. Little consolation prize for Tony.

Daniel Radcliffe and the Harry Potter glasses

March Distribution

Even if Daniel Radcliffe explained that the Hogwarts sorcerer’s apprentice glasses caused him an allergy (to nickel) and that they were simply a purely cosmetic accessory, they are arguably one of the most iconic objects in the saga. Harry Potter. In 2019, moreover, an auction offered a pair of glasses worn by Radcliffe on the first film, and estimated between $ 3,800 and $ 6,300. Still, the actor confirmed have recovered a pair of glasses from the first film of the saga, as well as the last. In February 2021, in a discussion with journalist Ali Plumb for the BBC 1 radio show, Daniel Radcliffe explained to have other objects, like the prosthesis of his arm from the second film, “stored somewhere in the attic of [ses] parents”, and a “casting of [son] face, made when I was 10 or 11 years old, which looks like a death mask “.

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