These movie stars are also formidable in business! – Cinema news

Far from confining themselves to their profession as actors, some film talents have a keen business sense by investing their fortunes wisely, sometimes in areas that might surprise you. Here are some examples.

These movie stars are also formidable in business! - cinema news
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Some time ago we discussed these Hollywood talents who have experienced painful reversals of fortuneto the point of sometimes ending up ruined. Bad financial investments, expensive and ruinous lifestyles, abysmal legal fees, scams of all kinds, colossal financial failure of a flop at the Box Office… These are not the reasons that are missing to explain the bankruptcies of certain talents Hollywood.

To the point of sometimes having to place oneself under the regime of the Chapter 11 of the US Federal Code; a so-called “safeguard” procedure which allows a company or an individual to avoid bankruptcy by restructuring, unable to honor its claims with its debtors.

In contrast to these personal failures, there are obviously those for whom business is going rather well, in some cases founding veritable financial empires. Which in no way prevents them from sometimes seeing their values ​​fluctuate according to the financial market, of course…

Ryan Reynolds, Gin and creativity

So certainly, Ryan Reynolds is not the richest man in Hollywood; far from it. His fortune is estimated at $150 million.; far from what a Tom Cruise weighs and its 600 million. But Deadpool’s bank account is just waiting to grow and grow thanks to judicious investments.

Passing through France last June during the International Festival of Creativity in Cannes, Reynolds has explained before a captive audience that it is precisely because he has experienced years of hardship trying to climb Dead Pool for ten years, in which Fox did not initially believe, that he decided to invest himself by creating his company called “Maximum Effort”. That is to say if he believes in his fight. Company whose marketing division was acquired in 2021 by MNTN; a company specializing in High Tech advertising and Crea. The actor was thus bombarded Chief Creative Officer within MNTN.

With the plump sums of his stamps on the two opuses Dead Poolhe also invested his money to buy a brand of alcohol, Aviation Ginnow served on Virgin luxury cruises, the brand founded by the billionaire Richard Branson. Brands of alcohol are also a very safe bet among Hollywood stars.

George Clooney and his love for Tequila

These movie stars are also formidable in business! - cinema news

The beginning of the story is random. George Clooney bought a house in Mexico, relatively close to that of Rande Gerber, the husband of Cindy Crawford. Now friends, these new neighbors went out regularly for a glass of Tequila, before realizing that most of the brands they were served were either not good, or too expensive, and moreover sticking a headache.

And why not create their own brand at once? After two years of research to find a production site, it was done in 2013 with the launch of the brand. Casamigoswhich also finds a distributor in the United States.

Below, the commercial shot by the partners in 2013, feat. Cindy Crawford, to celebrate the launch of their brand of Tequila..

“George doesn’t need the money, neither do I, neither does Michael. That’s not why we launched this tequila, we wanted everyone to be able to drink it, not sell it as a product. of great luxury” explained Rande Gerber in a interview with Business Insider in March 2017. Still, the brand was aiming for the high end, with a price set at $50 a bottle.

Sales have experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Since 2015, they have increased by 54%. In 2016, 120,000 cases of Tequila were sold; with a target of 170,000 cases in 2017.

In June 2017, the brand Casamigos announced that it had been taken over by the world’s number one spirits company, Diageoa British giant that notably owns the whiskey brands Johnnie Walker and the brand of vodka Smirnoff.

The amount of the purchase is absolutely colossal: we are talking about an envelope of 700 million dollars, plus another 300 million for the years to come. “If you had asked us four years ago if we had a billion dollar business in our hands, I don’t think we would have said ‘yes'”, reacted George Clooney following this sale. Today, ex Dr. Ross is worth $500 million.

Robert de Niro, godfather of an empire

These movie stars are also formidable in business! - cinema news

In addition to weighing some 500 million dollars, Robert de Niro is the Lord of Tribeca, named after this ultra-popular neighborhood / District located in New York. To help revitalize the economy in post-9/11 Manhattan, De Niro had the idea of ​​creating a festival in this district in 2002, in addition to adding a luxury hotel, a high-end Japanese restaurant called Nobu (named after chef Nobu Matsuhisa, with whom he is associated), and another restaurant, the Tribeca Grill.

In 2004, he invested no less than 14 million dollars in a posh real estate program located near Hudson Street, still in the same neighborhood of Tribeca. In fact, Bob has been investing heavily in the neighborhood since the end of the 1980s, as a shrewd businessman that he is, at a time when land in the neighborhood didn’t really interest many people…

In any case, the Municipality can say a huge thank you. Between 2002 and 2010, the Tribeca Film Festival generated some $660 million in profits, attracting 2.3 million spectators – festival-goers.

Bob’s new passion is now to develop luxury hotel complexes around the brand. Nobu, in addition to having developed a chain of restaurants under this brand in the United States and abroad (including France). Code name : Nobu Hospitality.

After inaugurating the Nobu Resort in Las Vegas, De Niro turned to Manila, Philippines. Associated with the wealthy businessman Lawrence Ho, based in Macau, the two announced in January 2014 the creation of a Casino – Resort hotel complex. Cost of the operation: 1.2 billion dollars. Yes still.

And as long as you stay in Asia, why not look at China, where luxury tourism is growing as fast as the number of billionaires? In fact, Bob had already thought about it, and it was planned for 2016, with “Project 179”, for which he had partnered with an American consortium.

It was a gigantic real estate complex located on the seafront in Shanghai, including luxury hotels (therefore a Nobu, of course…), ad hoc shops, cinema, cultural and artistic center…We do not know the details financials of the operation, but one imagines that the amount of the slate was colossal.

If we talk about it in the past tense, it’s because since then, we’ve been a bit without news of the project; presumably dormant. The pandemic and the very severe confinement in China also probably did not help matters.

In 2020, the actor said that the pandemic had severely damaged his empire, even forcing him to take out a loan of $ 500,000 to cover part of Nobu’s abysmal debts. By April of that year, Nobu had lost $3 million; and $1.9 million the following month. The total shutdown of many sectors, in particular catering and tourism, during the pandemic, had devastating effects, the effects of which are still being measured.

Mark Wahlberg, the family business

“I’m more of a businessman than anything else” said in 2015 Mark Wahlberg; “playing keeps me too long and away from my family. My whole philosophy [de vie] changed. Acting careers are short-lived, while a business can last a lifetime.” It is a point of view, indeed, that everyone is not obliged to share.

Anyway, in addition to being an actor, Mark Wahlberg is a hell of a producer, renowned for having a hollow nose. Associated with his friend Steve Levinsonit started with the series Surroundingsto never stop: In-Treatment, Boardwalk Empirebut also at the cinema with fighter, prisonersetc…

When he came to see us” explained Michael Lombardothe head of programs at HBO, “We thought he was still one of those conceited guys, just anxious to put his name on something. In fact, his rise to prominence as a producer is prodigious. He has an incredible eye for spotting good scripts, the talents and the directors. Something I never would have imagined when I first met him many years ago.”

These movie stars are also formidable in business! - cinema news

For the Wahlbergs, business is often done in the family. Mother included.

A happy film and series producer. And then there’s business outside of the Hollywood industry. It starts with the restaurant Walhburgers, in which he is associated with his two other brothers, Donnie and Paul. The restaurant has even become the setting for a reality show from January 2014. We remain in the culinary department with the restaurant Alma-Novenamed after the matriarch of the Wahlberg clan, and her nine children.

Follower of Fitnesshe also placed a few hazelnuts in a company manufacturing mineral water, called AquaHydratean enriched mineral water supposed to boost recovery after intense exercises…

“They came to me and told me all this stuff about osmosis, minerals and other regenerating properties. Stuff that didn’t interest me and that I didn’t understand” will say Wahlberg; “but when I started drinking this water, my recovery from my exercises changed instantly”. Possible; but it sounds like a teleshopping speech.

The icing on the investment cake, Wahlberg wanted to develop American football…in India, to create the Elite Football League of India, consisting of 10 teams. The actor is associated in this business with Kurt Warner, a champion of the Superbowl. It seems almost surreal in a country more accustomed to Cricket. But nothing stops Marky Mark.

Ashton Kutcher, the venture capitalist

These movie stars are also formidable in business! - cinema news

Nope, Ashton Kutcher did not wait to embody Steve Jobs to have business acumen. In fact, the actor My uncle Charlie is an emblematic example of these Hollywood stars having a hollow nose when it comes to business.

Already in 2009, Kutcher was convinced by Marc Andreessen, a super-heavyweight of the Silicon Valleyto place part of its marbles in the company Skype. At the time, the stock of the company specializing in free calls between computers was worth no more than $2.75; a value on which some were ironic, considering it already too high. Yes but here it is: Microsoft has been there and has since bought the company, for an amount of 8 billion dollars… A hell of a good investment for Ashton.

Passionate about everything related to digital, regularly appearing among the Early adoptersAshton Kutcher founded his company in 2011, A Grade Investments, specializing in venture capital. As a reminder or those who are unaware of it, venture capital investors bring capital, as well as their networks and experience to the creation and the first phases of development of innovative companies or technologies considered to have high potential for development and return. on investment.

And investments, the actor – businessman makes it with a vengeance, especially in the development of applications for Smartphone. There are a total of 67 investments. Among these are the company Airbnb much talked about (and valued at $81 billion!); Spotify; Uber; Pathan application for sharing photos; BloomThatan ultra fast florist service… In short, a big list, available here.

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