These Kaamelott actors who have left us

Homage to these actors and actresses of the series “Kaamelott” which we miss.

In six years of existence, the Kaamelott series has seen a gallery of colorful characters pass by, and as many actors to bring them to life. Alas, some of them have left us. Hats off to those actors and actresses who contributed to the fame of the Alexandre Astier series.

Pierre Mondy

These kaamelott actors who have left usCalt Productions

Veteran actor of theater and cinema, Pierre Mondy was Caesar Imperator, the Emperor at the head of Rome when Arthur was legionary there. Ceasar impresses the very young Arthurus by his stature and despite his sometimes hieratic behavior. Alexandre Astier will make a mighty tribute to Pierre Mondy, who died of lymphoma at the age of 87. He was present in episodes 2, 4, 5, 6 and 8 of Book VI.

Philippe nahon

These kaamelott actors who have left usCalt Productions

He had toured with Jean-Pierre Melville, Jacques Audiard, Mathieu Kassovitz and for Alexandre Astier, played Goustan de Carmélide, known as “Le Cruel”, father of Léodagan. Appeared for the first time in Book I (episode 63), we then see Philippe Nahon in six episodes of Book VI. Nahon died of a long illness, aggravated by Covid-19 in 2020, at the age of 81.

Jean-Yves Chatelais

These kaamelott actors who have left usCalt Productions

Appointed senator thanks to his connections and without having made his classes, Vibius Pisentius Petrus is one of the conspirators of Book VI. Jean-Yves Chatelais died in 2018 at the age of 63, after having played in other successful series such as Julie Lescaut and Joséphine, guardian angel. He was the French voice of Michael Madsen.

Valerie Benguigui

These kaamelott actors who have left usCalt Productions

In the shoes of the clairvoyant Prisca, Valérie Benguigui answered questions from Queen Guinevere, then the spectator learned that she was only a con artist who had known Arthur when he was a legionnaire. She is eventually possessed and reveals to Arthur that he shouldn’t “take the knight’s wife” because the gods will take offense, a key phrase foreshadowing all that will happen to Uther Pendragon’s son in the saga. We will see the seer again during Book V, manipulated by Méléagant, announcing to Arthur that he is “infertile”. Valerie Benguigui died of breast cancer in 2013.

Truong Lan

These kaamelott actors who have left usCalt Productions

He had played Attila the Hun three times in the series (S01E05, S03E10 and S04E42), but already knew Alexandre astier for playing a part in the play The Day of the Wheat, written by the creator of Kaamelott (France) (Comédie,Historique)”>Kaamelott and directed by Jean-Christophe Hembert (Karadoc). Truong Lan died in a car accident in 2007.

Marcel Philippot

These kaamelott actors who have left usCalt Productions

Present only in episode 33 of Book I, Marcel Philippot plays Monsignor Boniface, Bishop of Germania, on a formal visit to Kaamelott and a little intrusive. He discusses with Arthur the feelings of the Breton population towards the concept of a single god. Philippot took his own life in 2018 at the age of 64. He was also known for his role as a disgruntled customer in another series, Palace.

Guy Bedos

These kaamelott actors who have left usCalt Productions

The viewer was not unaware that in order for his father Uther Pendragon not to learn of his existence, Arthur was placed and raised on a farm, but in Book V he discovers the one who raised him: Anton, played by Guy Bedos. The latter gives life to the character, who will have only this short appearance, but transmits with emotion this moment of Arthur’s past. The actor died in May 2020 at the age of 85.

Jean-Marc lawyer

These kaamelott actors who have left usCalt Productions

Head of the militia of Rome, authoritarian, Titus Nipius Glaucia is the hierarchical superior of Arthur (us) in Book VI and makes him see all the colors. Jean-Marc Avocat died in 2020 at the age of 72, was a man of the theater who had also shot for Claude Berri, Yves Boisset or José Giovanni.

Valentin Traversi

These kaamelott actors who have left usCalt Productions

Ketchatar, the King of Ireland, appears in the double-episode The assembly of kings, in the course of Book III, and returns for the needs of Book VI, on the youth of Arthur. Not very attached to education, he does not really get along with the other rulers that are Hoël d’Armorique, Calogrenant of Caledonia, Loth of Orcanie, Léodagan of Carmélide and Arthur of Brittany. Figure of Lyon theater, actor and director, Valentin Traversi passed away in 2017.

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