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Western stars regularly shoot commercials in Japan. From the craziest to the most sober, everything goes: energy drink, car, whiskey, beer, cakes… A small anthology of these pubs, for the best… And for fun!

These Japanese WTF ads that the stars would like to

It’s summer !!! In France, on the Côte d’Azur, We calm down and we drink cold in Saint-Tropez. But the same is not true in Japan. We will thus prefer to listen to the good advice ofArnold Schwarzeneggerwho, like a genie coming out of his lamp, will extol the benefits of an energy drink.

Unless you let yourself be tempted by the favorite coffee of Tommy Lee Jones who impassively drinks his can. You will accompany it well with these appetizer biscuits, right? You should, however, Kiefer “Jack Bauer” Sutherland swear by them.

At the table, you will probably serve a little soup as a starter; it’s the best effect. Why not precisely the one that loves Sylvester Stallone ? And for the digestive moment, a little whiskey recommended by Charles Bronson will do. We won’t forget to freshen our breath before going out in the evening, with the favorite brand of chewing gum from Jean Claude Van Damme

What are we talking about ? But of japandering see! The what ??? the japanderingin reality a combination of the words “Japan” and “Pandering” (which means “to flatter”), is in fact the name given to these Western stars – most often American” who come to shoot advertisements for Japanese customers. Bill Murray in Lost in Translation for example.

Excluding cinematic news, it’s actually a good way for these stars to maintain their image in the land of the Rising Sun, especially since some of them are particularly appreciated there, like our Alain Delon national.

Almost everything goes there: car, telephone, cakes, beer, whiskey… from the most sober to the most overexcited advertising. The fact remains that, while some of these stars are totally responsible for filming these advertisements, others, on the other hand, were (are not?) not frankly unhappy that they remained on Japanese territory, for fear that their image would be tarnished by United States… But that was probably before the arrival of this marvel that is the internet, which makes it possible to locate these nuggets.

We therefore offer you an overview with a small selection of our own. For some of them, we plead indulgence, given their weak technical qualities, rarity requires.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Of all the Hollywood stars, Arnold Schwarzenegger would undoubtedly be in the top 3. Bowls of noodles through beer, energy drink and other advertising for a TV channel, the ex-Governor is the king of promo. Judge for yourself, with this little compilation of commercials, which is only a tiny part of what he shot. Delirium guaranteed!

We’ll give you a second, two for the price of one! It’s a gift, it’s happiness!

Quentin Tarantino

We know it, QT is a big fan in front of the eternal of Japanese cinema. Takashi Miike, Akira Kurosawa and Kinji Fukasaku are among his references. He had even offered himself a little pleasure at Miike’s by appearing in the casting of his Sukiyaki Western Django. It is therefore not really a surprise to find it in Japanese advertisements. In this case here an advertisement for the Softbank.

Whether he’s working on pyramid sites or on the Great Wall of China, or even in a nightclub, Tommy Lee Jones never loses his legendary dark and impassive gaze. Like in his movies actually. Except that here, it’s because he naturally thinks of the moment of plenitude that his favorite coffee will offer him.

Below is a short compilation…

The actor has thus shot an industrial quantity of advertisements for the BOSS coffee brand, but not only. He also gave of himself for the brand Softbank. We offer you for the trouble a second tasty little compilation. In the series of completely WTF and delirious commercials, those of Tommy Lee Jones go directly into the top 3.

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone may well be hewn in the rock and send AdPatres an army almost all alone (no go, totally all alone!), that doesn’t prevent him from melting in front of a mind-blowing soup Knorr -or rather is it advertising?-, even in front of mini knacki. Yes yes, you read that right.

Below is the ad Knorr, worship ! Or when Sly becomes a poet, delicate and sensitive, like a slight contrast with his iconic character Rambo.

As long as we stay in the culinary department, we continue with the mini knacki!

Jean Reno

Jean Reno is an ultra popular actor in Japan; the public loves it, since the time of the release of the Big Blue of Luc Besson. That is to say if it dates. Still, the actor logically shot in the land of the rising sun with an avalanche of advertisements.

Among these, the highlight goes to the brand Toyotawhere the actor seems to have slipped into the role of his life: that of Doraemon, the manga star cat-robot. Here, he helps a shy young man take his destiny into his own hands by inventing gadgets for him.

Nicholas Cage

When Nicholas Cage has the demon of the game in the skin, in this case that of Pachinko, it gives this little series of mind-blowing advertisements. Attention, UFO approaching!

Michael J. Fox

As we know, Marty Mc Fly has fans all over the world, since his first adventures in 1985. And of course in Japan, where he resumes for the brand Honda more or less his character, against a backdrop of the same cult musical theme. Otherwise he doesn’t disdain to treat himself to a refreshing moment with a brand of tea, playing Nicolas the Gardener.

Below is an ad for Honda…

And the advertisement version “Nicolas the gardener” as promised, which seems to have been shot in 1994 if we judge the reference at the end to the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer.

Dennis Hopper

With 150 films and series on the clock, the big Dennis Hopper has had a checkered career, sometimes running for the cachet in Z series. Is this why we find him in this somewhat embarrassing Japanese advertisement, in which he plays in his bathtub… with a duck? in plastic. Besides, if you manage to understand what he’s selling, tell us, because we didn’t understand anything!

george lucas

Japanese commercials shot by george lucas are quite rare. Here’s another tour in the 80s, for the brand panasonic; with Ewoks as guests. The Star Wars universe is obviously never far away…

The one below was probably shot for the Barcelona Olympics, in 1992, for a camera signed panasonic.

Kiefer Sutherland

What does Kiefer “Jack Bauer” Sutherland between two chases in the series 24 hour clock ? He regains strength with the energy drink Calorie Matethe best of the best to hunt down terrorists without losing your breath!

For good measure, we add this variant to the basket, as always Over The Top Jack!

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