These Fresh Young Berlin Fashion Labels and Shops are Giving us Summer Vibes

It’s no secret that Berlin fashion is one of a kind. Our streets are not used to the chic ladies in simple black dresses with a few expensive accessories to show off their style and the men who lug around their fedoras like they do in Paris, rather we like our more unconventional, unconventional kind of style, eco-responsible, and from time to time, serve a cause. Black is not necessarily a funeral color and we put these pajamas to work on purpose. Berliners also don’t like to walk around like billboards. We don’t like showing big brands and logos stuck on our clothes and we like to support local businesses that reflect us. That’s why we’ve chosen these new Berlin fashion brands and boutiques to get you ready for this summer.

Papesse Clothing

Dress comfortably, yes. Dress boring, no.

Without sex, without season, without sweatshop and made of recycled materials is the conviction behind Papesse Apparel. You can find everything from handmade leggings to biker shorts and upcycled tops which all look very cheerful and comfy! Our favorite is the Scrunchies Against Forced Marriage line. The profits go to the Berlin charity Papatya, which helps young women facing forced marriages, as well as LGBTQI + people threatened by their families because of their identity.

photos: Papesse Clothing

Adrien weiss

Comfortable clothing for all genders and sizes

Founded by Emrah Neins in 2017, the Adrian Weiss brand mainly manufactures unique items and recycling material. As he puts it: “As a trans person myself, I know the importance of comfortable and gender-friendly clothing, knowing the difficulty of fitting neither in the women’s nor the men’s aisle. With the clothes I make, I want people of all genders, ages and sizes to feel comfortable and confident about their bodies and the way they want to express their identity.

photos: Sarah Süßmilch

photos: Dr Adas Engel

Moussi Bang

Escape reality and create your own unreal character

Moussi Bang is a Berlin-based clothing designer, creating non-sexist, handmade pieces aimed at promoting diversity and eccentricity around us. Designed for all genders, you can find everything from a sheer black dress and wax kimono, to shorts and a harness. The brand wants to create a genderless style that stands out for everyone.

photos: Moussi Bang

Melisa Minca

Recycling of materials recovered since 2018

Specializing in upcycling, redesigning pre-loved items, bespoke tailoring and ethical production, Melisa Minca serves as a bridge between ethical fashion and contemporary design. With its summer 2021 collection, MM is aimed at eccentric people who want to express themselves, but at the same time avoid environmental pollution and human exploitation.

photos: Melisa Minca

Tropical Agency

Born to dialogue with two distinct universes: Rio De Janeiro and Berlin

The freshness of renewal, spontaneity, lightness, from the coast to the city, Tropicalia Agency is a project which aims to promote the representation of Brazilian creations in Europe. With their luxury bikinis and beachwear, they offer authentic Brazilian designs and styles while allowing Brazilian designers in Europe to have a wider platform in the fashion realm. They currently have a pop-up store in Bikini Berlin.

photos: Pedro Napolinario

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through Bourak
June 16, 2021

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