These films and series take place in 2022: Soleil Vert, American Nightmare, Geostorm …

Good year ! And welcome to 2022 … How did cinema see the year ahead? The answer in eight films, between anticipatory thriller, ultra-violence and natural disasters.

In 2021, the fiction announced to us a post-apocalyptic world without a sound, a futuristic universe where the brain of Keanu Reeves could be transformed into a storage unit, or a collision with an asteroid against a background of pretty romance.

We are now in 2022, faced with a worrying ecological situation and a pandemic that the craziest fictions had not anticipated. Besides, what did the films and series tell us for the 2022 vintage?

All sci-fi dates on screen

Between anticipatory thriller, night of massacre, natural disasters, extraterrestrial invasions or island-prison, here are 8 visions of the year to come through the cinema.

American Nightmare

Universal Pictures

What if for one night, every year, violence, crime and murder were allowed? What if during these twelve hours, without police or hospitality, citizens were able to define their own rules and make their own law, without having to fear penalties? It is this company of “The Purge” that decrypts the American Nightmare franchise. If in the universe of the saga, this night of massacre is concretely voted and implemented in 2014, it is in 2022 that the spectators live their first purge, alongside Ethan Hawke and his family while an unknown knock on their door …


Warner Bros.

With its giant tsunamis, its hailstorms, its titanic explosions and its deadly cold waves, Geostorm recalls The Day After or 2012. No wonder when you know that this is the first feature film by Dean Devlin , faithful screenwriter of Roland Emmerich, at work on these two major entries of the disaster film. Here, it is a satellite system used to control the climate and weather that will take its toll, multiplying incidents across the globe. Bug or intentional sabotage, Gerard Butler leads the investigation …

Blade Runner Black Out 2022

Warner Bros.

In 2017, to accompany his Blade Runner 2049, director Denis Villeneuve entrusted three animation studios with short films responsible for telling and exploring the universe of the franchise, between the original film by Ridley Scott (set in 2019) and his own feature film that continues the story thirty years later. Overseen by Shinichirō Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop), Blade Runner Black Out 2022 tells how Nexus-8 Replicants will bring down the almighty Tyrell Corporation …

Absolom 2022

Columbia TriStar Films

With his cult New York 1997, John Carpenter proposed a major concept: to turn Manhattan Island in New York into an open-air prison in which to park the worst inmates in the United States. The idea was subsequently declined by Carpenter himself, with his Los Angeles 2013, or inspired other feature films such as Banlieue 13 on the French side, or Absolom 2022. In the latter, a former war hero encamped by Ray Liotta is jailed for murder and sent on a murderous island-prison, specially reserved for recalcitrant …

The Tomorrow War

Amazon Prime Video

Released directly on Prime Video, The Tomorrow War transports protagonists from 2022 to 2051, in a world invaded by formidable aliens with the appearance of giant insects. Among them, Chris Pratt, enlisted with other civilians to help the next generation in their war against the Whitespikes. Efficient cross between Starship Troopers, Aliens the Return and Terminator, the feature film has established itself as the first real blockbuster of the streaming platform.

Time runner

New Line Home Video

Alien attack and time travel, second! In the direct-to-video Time Runner carried by Mark “Luke Skywalker” Hamill, it is about alien invasion and temporal paradoxes, where the actions of the past (in this case in 1992) have repercussions on the future (2022 ). In this case, those carried out by an officer transported thirty years earlier by a “wormhole” at the time of the assault and responsible for preventing the destruction of Humanity …

The Dark Side of the Moon

Trimark pictures

The Dark Side of the Moon, or the hidden side of the Moon. A little-known and mysterious area, sung in 1973 by Pink Floyd and explored by this science-fiction series B, directly released in a video club in 1990. The film, which precedes the successful Event Horizon (1997) by a few years, intersects the mood of an Alien and the evil threat of an Exorcist, by confronting members of a space mission with a former NASA shuttle, missing in the Bermuda Triangle. They will then discover that an entity is prowling in the passageways of the wreck …

Green Sun


Like Psychosis or The Planet of the Apes, Soleil Vert is often mentioned for its twist-ending and its shattering final revelation. This would be forgetting the social impact of this anticipatory film which, from 1974, warned of the economic and ecological crisis, and announced a world where the (over) population, separated from the rich, is fed with mysterious protein pellets produced by a gigantic corporation. Could Charlton Heston’s final cry serve as a warning, as we move into 2022?

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