These companies hiring remote workers right now and paying up to $270K

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With nearly 36.5 million layoffs for coronaviruses, this is by far the largest loss in the history of the United States. As a result, there has been a sharp increase in the number of applicants seeking remote work as a viable alternative during quarantine. Now is a good time because the growth in distance jobs has increased. In April, FlexJobs saw 7% growth in the number of remote job listings, compared to March, says Brie Reynolds, career development expert on the online remote work platform.

According to her, the latest analysis from the company now features three new career areas with good numbers of remote jobs in the top 10. This includes project management, therapy and the Internet and e-commerce. The best companies that posted the most home jobs in April 2020 were K12, Cisco, Amazon, and UnitedHealth Group.

The typical teleworker, according to Global Workplace Analytics, is actually 45 years of age or older and earns $ 58,000 a year, but many jobs pay well over $ 100,000, dispelling the myth that there is a large swing in pay between distance wages and pay internal.

A lucrative alternative for the unemployed

While remote working alone cannot solve the unemployment crisis, Reynolds believes it can offer a viable alternative for some people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

“Customer service is currently the # 1 area for remote jobs,” she says. “This is an area without a lot of barriers to entry in terms of experience or level of training. Unemployed retailers who like to help people can use their communication, problem solving and on sale to switch to a remote customer service station. “

Above all, hiring managers want to know that you can be productive and work effectively from a distance, says Reynolds. “They are interested in written and verbal communication skills, time and task management, the ability to concentrate, the ability to work well independently and to feel comfortable with the tools and digital communication technology. [traits] are all very important for companies with remote workforces. “

She added: “This is what we emphasize to job seekers who want to land a job at a distance – it’s important to show these skills on your CVs, in cover letters and every time you communicate with a potential employer. ” (See below the “5-step action plan to get a job at a distance”).

Here is a list of the top 10 industries with strong growth in distance employment, according to FlexJobs, along with current job listings and annual wages for companies currently hiring.

1. Customer service
Associated with customer success: $ 40,000 to $ 50,000
Family counselor: $ 60,000 to $ 65,000
Nonprofit Resource Browser: $ 46,000 to $ 50,000

2. Medical and health
Clinical research doctor: K $ 272,480
OPIP improvement facilitator: $ 66,395K – $ 74K
Coordinator and planner of study programs for teaching dental affairs: $ 50,000

3. Computing and computing
Website Support Specialist: 104 K $
Data analyst: $ 50,000 to $ 60,000
Head of engineering: $ 80,000 to $ 130,000

4. Education and training
Senior Manager of Educational Content: $ 60,000
Supervision Manager: $ 75,000
Organizer training and development coordinator: 94,601 K $

5. Therapy
Behavioral Health Case Manager: 62 K $
SAFEline Manager: 38 K $
Clinician, Chemical Addiction: up to $ 61,440 / year

6. Accounting and finance
Mortgage specialist: $ 48,000 to $ 50,000
Financial Specialist, Financial Customer Service Center: $ 50,000
Senior Loan Processor, VA, FHA: $ 60,000 to $ 75,000

7. Project management
Marketing Automation Specialist: $ 50,000 to $ 70,000
Product manager: $ 125,000 to $ 150,000
A-V Project Manager: $ 65,000 to $ 95,000

8. Sales
Internal sales manager: $ 50,000 (base)
Video sales and marketing consultant: $ 50,000 to $ 70,000
Commercial director: $ 50,000 to $ 70,000

9. Internet and electronic commerce
Growth hacker: $ 65,000 to $ 80,000
Full Stack Marketer: $ 50,000 to $ 70,000
Digital impact coordinator: 84,466 K $

10. Marketing
Digital Marketing Associate: $ 50,000
Market research analyst, consultant: $ 50,000 to $ 100,000
Marketing Automation Specialist: $ 50,000 to $ 70,000

The 5-step action plan to get a job at a distance

1. Look for jobs online in the most reliable places. While more job sites are posting remote jobs than ever before, most are not screening and verifying that every remote job they post is legitimate and not a scam. Because the homework market has always been a target for scammers, and especially because we are in a crisis where scammers take full advantage of vulnerable people looking for work, job seekers should be careful where they are looking. Make sure online job platforms preview and verify each job and business before posting them to job seekers. Wherever you can search, be very careful before applying for a job – make sure it is legitimate and offered by a real company.

2. Talk about the skills you have that would make you a competent distance worker. According to Reynolds of FlexJobs, as part of the company’s career coaching program, she reviewed hundreds of resumes for people who want to work remotely, and almost all of these resumes have one thing in common: they don’t not mention the experience or skills that would make the candidate an ideal distance worker. If you are applying for a remote job, your CV should tell employers that you have what it takes not only to do their job but also from a distance. Include the specific skills that make you a good distance worker. The essential skills to include are excellent written and verbal communication, independent, organized and productive work, a good time and a good task manager, and a growth mindset.

3. Highlight the previous experience that you worked remotely. If you have worked remotely from your colleagues, across time zones or physical distances, this counts. Whether you’ve worked from home occasionally or regularly, this counts. If you have obtained a diploma or certification online, this counts. If you’ve volunteered on a project where you’ve done most of the work from your home office, this counts. Distance work skills and experience can take many forms, and should be mentioned on your CV if you want to get a job at a distance, says Reynolds.

4. Personalize your CV for each distance application. This means using a professional summary and a list of skills at the top of the resume that can be edited and updated to include keywords and key phrases from the job description. You don’t have to rewrite the entire CV, but you should definitely spend time making sure your document is keyword rich in at least these two main sections – Summary and key skills – using the same language as the description From post.

5. Have a clear answer to the question “Why do you want to work remotely?” While it currently appears that there is no other choice than working remotely, employers are hiring remote workers for the long term and want to know that you are there for more than the benefits of being a remote worker. Prepare to talk about how you are more productive and efficient when you are working from home because you are better able to concentrate, or if you are not worried about going home by train at the end of the day, or because you can design a home office space that energizes and focuses on your work. Don’t argue about personal benefits because employers are already paying for them – things like saving more time in your day and having a better work-life balance.

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