These Berlin Beer Gardens Are Serving Club Vibes

The last days of summer are upon us, and soon Berlin will sink into its dark and gloomy winter. Soak up the last rays of the sun in some of our favorite ‘Biergarten’ (open-air gardens), outdoor clubs and rooftop bars. Browse this list, pick your favorite, and take the trip. Be sure to check out Resident Advisor, Facebook or our events page for all the latest event news. Cheers!

Renate Garden

We’re no strangers to Salon Zur Wilden Renate here at IheartBerlin. We’ve covered them a few times already and are huge fans of their beer garden. It’s open Thursday through Sunday and almost always includes a theatrical show that fits in perfectly with the club’s fun and festive theme. They have both table and bar service, and Renate is one of the only clubs on this list to accept the card, a rarity in this town. Keep an eye on their social media for queues and updates!

These berlin beer gardens are serving club vibes

Birgit und Bier

Just along the canal in Wrangel Kiez is Birgit und Bier, a relaxed biergarden and club. With delicious pizzas and groovy music, this place is also open all weekend from noon and events extend into the late night. With the new 2G rules, they also open up indoors in the evening, so this is the perfect place to go from late summer sun to the dance floor.

These berlin beer gardens are serving club vibes

Flank bar

Grießmühle’s new location, Revier Südost, is one of the most discussed this summer, and for good reason. They have tons of events ranging from legendary Synoid to comedy shows from equally legendary Daniel Ryan Spaulding. Revier Südost is housed in a huge renovated brewery in Schöneweide and is made up of several areas including the club, the Flanke Bar (a beer garden for events) and the Subaermarkt – most Fridays and Saturdays, which includes stalls selling fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, pies, pastries, hot sauces, and more. Just be sure to do some ID with their system before heading to Schöneweide for a drink in the sun, a small grocery store, or a 4pm rave.

These berlin beer gardens are serving club vibes


: // About Blank’s Biergarten is called Sektgarden and retains the same grime and glory as the once illegal venue. And with that in mind, Sektgarden never sells tickets online for its events. The queue can be quite long, so we recommend that you get there a little earlier. They always have big queues and the garden is a sprawling chaos of secret floors and little places to have a drink.

These berlin beer gardens are serving club vibes


Hidden behind the Humbolthain station in Wedding (so close you can hear the s-Bahn coming) is a club of the same name. Humbolthain is known for hosting parties with smaller DJs, but this is the perfect opportunity to get to know some of the up-and-coming names on the scene. They have open decks and Tischtennis (table tennis) every Tuesday, and tickets are only three euros at the door. Take part in a game, spin a vinyl if you dare, or just enjoy the atmosphere. Look for the sign with the black and white H as you exit the station.

These berlin beer gardens are serving club vibes


Klunkerkranich is called “the rooftop beer garden above Neukölln”, and we’d say that pretty much sums it up. This bar is located on the roof of the Neukölln Arkaden and is one of the best places in all of Berlin to watch the sunset. They also have food and great music to go along with the amazing view so we can always recommend a trip. Events start at 4:00 p.m. We’ll see each other there.

These berlin beer gardens are serving club vibes


One of the most searched places on this list, Sisyphus is always having a good time. The sprawling venue behind the Duck Gates in Rummelsberg has three exterior floors and everything you need to keep you entertained for hours. This extends far beyond the normal bar, but also includes an ATM, a kiosk to roll up supplies and snacks, pizzas and fresh fries, and hidden pianos and rotary phones that you can use. to call different areas of the club. It truly is a party paradise, but tickets sell out fast. They go on sale every Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m. and usually sell out pretty quickly, so set your alarms and click.

These berlin beer gardens are serving club vibes


Another place we’ve already covered, Zenner is a new Berlin staple. Located in Treptower Park overlooking the Spree in an old villa which was one of the must-see spots for party animals in the 1800s. The venue has been renovated by the owners of Renate and just opened in early summer. They now host events with different flavors of house, disco, soul and jazz, perfect to let off steam after a techno weekend.

These berlin beer gardens are serving club vibes

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September 10, 2021
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