These 6 stars “screwed up” the casting of a big movie: Tom Holland, Leonardo DiCaprio, Henry…

You can be a top Hollywood star and completely screw up the cast of a big production. The proof by 6 with in particular the bad experiences lived by Tom Holland, Leonardo DiCaprio and Henry Cavill…

Do you know the amazing commonality shared by Tom Holland, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal ? These three actors may be top notch, but that didn’t stop them from completely “screw up” the casting of a big production! We take you behind the scenes of the biggest misses of Hollywood stars, with also the misadventures experienced by Henry Cavill, George Clooney and Nicholas Hoult.

Tom Holland ‘screwed up’ his Star Wars audition!

These 6 stars "screwed up" the casting of a big movie: tom holland, leonardo dicaprio, henry...
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Before slipping into the Spider-Man costume, the young Briton Tom Holland came very close to starring in the intergalactic Star Wars saga. But his casting for The Force Awakens didn’t exactly go as planned, as the actor couldn’t stop laughing at his co-star who was playing…an android!

“I remember my casting for Star Wars, I had already done four or five auditions, I think it was for the role of John Boyega”, says Tom Holland at the Backstage microphone. “I remember playing this scene with a woman who played an android. I was like, ‘We have to go back to the ship!’, and she was like, ‘Bleep, bloop bloop, bleep bloop’.

“I couldn’t stop laughing, I thought it was so funny,” continues the actor. “And I felt really bad, because she was doing her best to play a convincing android. Obviously, I didn’t get the part. It wasn’t my best professional moment.”

Leonardo DiCaprio ‘screwed up’ his Moulin Rouge audition!

These 6 stars "screwed up" the casting of a big movie: tom holland, leonardo dicaprio, henry...

After starring in Romeo + Juliet, the young Leonardo DiCaprio almost reunited with director Baz Luhrmann for the musical Moulin Rouge. Small problem of importance which cost Leo the role of the poet Christian (finally devolved to Ewan McGregor): he can’t sing! In an interview granted to Variety in 2014DiCaprio says: “To be honest, I’m not really prepared to do a musical for the simple reason that I have an atrocious voice. But we still did an audition, there was Baz, a pianist and Me, we tried to do a song together. It didn’t really go well. I think it was the song “Lean On Me”, and when I went to get the highest note, Baz returned to me.”

The director, honest and very cash, then launched to the Hollywood star: “Leo, I don’t know if this conversation should continue.” The two men will still remain on very good terms and will meet again almost two decades later for Gatsby the Magnificent. A film where DiCaprio does not sing.

Jake Gyllenhaal ‘screwed up’ his Lord of the Rings audition!

These 6 stars "screwed up" the casting of a big movie: tom holland, leonardo dicaprio, henry...
Twentieth Century Fox France

Jake Gyllenhaal, currently starring in the action thriller Ambulance, almost starred in… Lord of the Rings! And not just any role, since at the end of the 90s, the actor auditioned for the character of the Hobbit Frodo, which will finally be held by Elijah Wood.

On the set of Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor explained that he had a particularly complicated audition because he had not been told that he had to say his lines with an accent. Peter Jackson, the director of the cult film saga, did not go overboard with the star. “You’re the worst actor I’ve ever seen! Did someone tell you you’re supposed to have an accent for this role?” he swung at poor Jack.

When Gyllenhaal replied to Jackson that no one had told him this little detail after all, the New Zealand filmmaker advised him … to change agents quickly!

Henry Cavill ‘screwed up’ his audition for Casino Royale!

These 6 stars "screwed up" the casting of a big movie: tom holland, leonardo dicaprio, henry...
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In 2006, Henry Cavill, now world famous for his incarnation of Superman, passed the casting of… James Bond! But his audition to play the role of 007 in Casino Royale turned out to be a bitter failure, the British actor not being at all physically fit. In an interview given at People magazine, Henry Cavill says: “I remember that Martin Campbell, the director, told me that I was a little chubby. At the time, I did not know how to prepare myself, how to follow a diet. I am glad that Martin said that, I am receptive when I am told the real things, it makes me progress and become better.” His impressive Superman physique a few years later proves that Cavill is indeed a fast learner.

George Clooney ‘screwed up’ his Dracula audition!

These 6 stars "screwed up" the casting of a big movie: tom holland, leonardo dicaprio, henry...
2015 Walt Disney Pictures/Industrial Light & Magic

George Clooney in the cast of Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula? It happened very close, the American actor having passed an audition to play in the feature film released in theaters in 1993. Problem: he passed this audition… drunk!

“I auditioned for Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, I was supposed to play a drunk guy, and I came really drunk for the casting, thinking that would be the best way to do it,” the actor recalls. at the microphone of IBTimes. “After the casting, Coppola called my agent and said, ‘He was drunk!’ It didn’t work out.”

Nicholas Hoult “screwed up” his audition for The Chronicles of Narnia!

These 6 stars "screwed up" the casting of a big movie: tom holland, leonardo dicaprio, henry...

British actor Nicholas HoultIe Fawn from the X-Men saga, passed the casting to play Prince Caspian in the Chronicles of Narnia saga. And he keeps a rather nightmarish memory of it. The reason: his total lack of a Spanish accent. “One of the worst auditions of my life was definitely the one for Prince Caspian,” says Nicholas Hoult at the microphone of Entertainment Weekly. “They asked me if I could do a Hispanic accent. I asked them what I should base it on and they were like, ‘Have you seen Shrek? Puss in Boots.” “I did the scene, but on each sentence, I tried to do my Antonio Banderas”, continues the actor. “It was horrible. It looked more like Borat.” Nicholas Hoult will logically not be chosen, the role of Prince Caspian ultimately going to Ben Barnes.

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