These 5 sports cartoons from our childhood will make you nostalgic

They may have made you love football, tennis or even volleyball. Focus on five cult sports cartoons from our childhood, including “Olive and Tom”, “Jeanne & Serge” and “Game, set and match”.

These 5 sports cartoons from our childhood will make you nostalgic
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How not to start this list with Olive and Tom? A cult cartoon (the word is not usurped here), which made millions of young viewers want to kick a football as soon as an episode was completed!

The Japanese series Olive and Tom tells the story of an exceptionally talented young footballer, who plays for the Newteam team and dreams of the greatest trophies. To go to the heights, he will notably be surrounded by goalkeeper Thomas Price. On their grassy path, they will come across many adversaries, including the terrible Mark Landers.

Crossing the field which lasts 10 minutes, completely improbable tactics (creating a human pyramid on a football field? It’s possible!), nothing is very credible in Olive and Tom, but the cartoon, full of energy, takes everything in its path.

Even today, it is possible to get caught up in these suspenseful football adventures with the very likely risk of having the brilliant credits of the series in mind for quite some time. It should be noted that it is not only the cartoon Olive and Tom which puts the round ball in the spotlight. Let’s also mention Foot 2 rue, But for Rudy and L’Ecole des champions.


“Jeanne and Serge, love at first sight at the volleyball game!” Carried by its unforgettable credits, Jeanne & Serge plunges us into the world of volleyball, not the most popular sport there is, but which we learn to appreciate thanks to this Japanese cartoon.

Jeanne & Serge tells the story of a young girl who discovers volleyball in high school. Passionate about this sport, she is also in love with Serge, a member of the men’s team. During nearly 60 episodes, we will witness the young girl’s ascent to the heights at the same time as we follow her relationship with Serge. Note the existence of another animated series dedicated to volleyball, entitled Les Attaquantes.

GAME, SET AND MATCH (1973 and 1988)

Make way for tennis with the well-named Game, set and match! This Japanese animated series, broadcast in 1973, follows the daily life of Héléna Orval, a reserved teenager passionate about tennis. Trained by the formidable Jean Mallet, she will gradually climb the ladder.

There will be great matches, joys, sorrows and rivalries (with Karine Taverny and Ronda de Maliéné). But there will also be love, Héléna falling in love with Philippe Todoh, leader of the club’s men’s team. Note the broadcast of a sequel in 1988, soberly titled Game, set and match! 2.


Cynthia or the rhythm of life is a dive into the world of rhythmic gymnastics. We follow the daily life of Cynthia Duval, a schoolgirl who takes a passion for this discipline.

The Japanese animated series, rich in 19 episodes, takes viewers into the world of high-level sport. But again, and as often in this type of program, matches its plot with a sentimental component.


We end with baseball! Theo or the Victory Bat tells the story of two twin brothers who adore each other, but are opposed by everything. Kim is a bright student, star pitcher for his high school baseball team. A bright future looms ahead of him. Théo is a mediocre student and has no real affinity with sport.

The only thing that brings them together is their friendship for their neighbor and childhood friend Debbie, with whom they are both secretly in love. This love triangle does not prevent the general good understanding of the group, but a tragic event will upset their fragile universe.

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