Therme Manchester Wellness Resort Gets World’s First Living Waterslides

Therme Manchester is likely to be UK’s first city-based well-being resort when it opens in 2023, in TraffordCity. Spanning over 28 acres, the resort will include a large indoor water park, thermal pools, and spa. There are various water-based activities to be included at the resort but what caught our attention is the world’s first “living waterslides.”

These living waterslides are part of the resort’s updated design that includes new experiences such as immersive digital art, an on-site urban farm, and botanical gardens. They will feature 3D-printed superstructure housing various plants.

The updated plans adopt the latest technology to make the development even more sustainable and deliver additional exciting features for visitors. The new design integrates biophilic design elements, including double-curved roofs and a green ‘vertical forest’ multi-story car park.

The resort increases its biodiversity effect with the inclusion of a 10,000sqm well-being garden, a hydroponic vertical farm, more than 1,500 trees, and roof-top beehives that produce honey for use in restaurants and wellness treatments.

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Stelian Iacob, Senior Vice President of Therme Group and CEO of Therme Group UK said, “The Covid period gave us the opportunity to update the design of Therme Manchester to create an even more sustainable, engaging, and accessible experience with profound health and wellbeing benefits for all.”

Therme Group is working in partnership with Peel L&P to deliver the project at a cost of over £250 million. The revised planning application is slated to be submitted in the summer.

Therme manchester wellness resort will include world's first "living waterslides

Image: Therme Group

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