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After Daniel’s return in “The Young and the Restless”, an old character linked to the latter will return to Genoa City. This is a woman who is none other than the daughter of one of the emblematic heroes of the series…

While The Young and the Restless celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in 2023, several former emblematic faces of the cult soap opera have returned to the series in recent months in the United States. So, after the comeback of Daniel (Michael Graziadei) or Fen (who introduced her boyfriend to her parents!), it’s Heather’s turn to come back to Genoa City!

Heather returns in “The Young and the Restless”

Remember, this is none other than the hidden daughter of Paul (Doug Davidson), whose first interpreter was Vail Bloom between 2007 and 2010. Subsequently, she was played by Eden Riegel between 2010 and 2012, then by Jennifer Landon for only five months on the air.

To bring the character back to life, it is Vail Bloom who will resume his role, 13 years after his departure from the Fires of Love, therefore. The last time audiences saw Heather in American fiction, she was in a relationship with Daniel, and the two of them were leaving with Lucy (the young man’s daughter and Daisy) to live in another city.

In the plots currently offered to American fans (a three-year gap exists between the broadcast on TF1 and that across the Atlantic), Daniel is passing through town and finds Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), her mother, or even Lily (Christel Khalil, who confided in AlloCiné), her ex.

Daniel reunited with Heather and Lucy

Quite vague, he mentioned his relationship with Heather and, obviously, the relationship between them is very tense today! For the moment, Daniel has only told his relatives that Heather and her daughter have gone to live in Portugal without him…

Undoubtedly, seeing Heather again in the series will help to clarify these gray areas. This will also be an opportunity to discover older Lucy since she will accompany her mother-in-law to Genoa City! She will also be played by debuting actress Lily Brooks O’Briant.

Will the teenager make Daniel see all the colors, as he himself did with Phyllis in the past?

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