The Young and the Restless in advance: the summary of the episodes from Monday February 13 to Friday February 17, 2023 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV


Next week in “The Young and the Restless”… Adam becomes head of Newman Enterprise, Phyllis and Nick officially give each other a chance, Kyle and Summer suspect Theo and Victor confesses to Nikki.

Please note, the following paragraphs contain revelations about the episodes of the soap opera The Fires of Love broadcast during the week of Monday February 13 to Friday February 17 on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, stop reading now.

Adam gets what he wants

Victoria reveals to Alyssa that Adam used her article to blackmail Victor into getting the manager job at Newman Enterprise. Besides, Adam asks his father to sign a document that will prevent him from firing him. Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan, who answered our questions) supports him in his approach.

William is upset when he sees Amanda and Nate on a date. For her part, she avoids William when she sees him chatting with Victoria. Still, Nate and Amanda’s outing ends in a kiss.

Nick and Phyllis become a couple again

Nick and Phyllis make a formal commitment to each other. Shortly after, he is flabbergasted when he discovers Adam’s public announcement about his future position. Phyllis offers Nick to provide her with compromising evidence against her brother, but she notices with horror that the safe where she was hiding them has been robbed!

Phyllis lashes out at Abby and Chance because she believes the files are missing because of them. Soon after, Victor’s daughter distances herself from Chance because he refuses to trick Adam into obtaining a confession in the course of a conversation they allegedly recorded…

Summer and Kyle check on Theo

Summer suspects Kendra of spying for Theo. To get to the bottom of it, she and Kyle leave false information lying around to see if Kendra will actually report it to Theo…

Amanda accepts the job offered to her by Lily (Christel Khalil, who confided in AlloCiné). Rey invites Sharon over for a romantic evening to take her mind off her worries before her surgery. Mariah and Tessa reject Theo’s proposal which encourages them to make money thanks to their relationship.

Victor confesses everything to Nikki

Finally, after weeks of refusing to talk about what happened with Hope and AJ in the past, Victor confesses. He reveals all the details of this morbid story to Nikki. This one is shocked by discovering the heavy secret that her husband has kept all these years…

To be continued in The Young and the Restless…

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