The worst movies of the 80s

Failed comedies, embarrassing franchise sequels, horrific attempts or French science fiction … here are the 20 worst films of the 80s according to AlloCiné viewers.

You have voted, here are the results! Here are the worst movies of the 80s according to your ratings. We made the choice to keep the films which received at least 10 votes and we kept the two “worst” by year from 1980 to 1989.

The Handgun (1980)


AlloCiné rating: 2.16 / 5

Accused of tax evasion and murder, billionaire Carl Stegner is actively wanted by the FBI. Extradition being impossible, the agency resorts to the service of a maverick, Fanon, to kidnap the suspect. With the help of the beautiful Adele, he succeeds, before realizing that he has in fact captured Stegner’s double …

But what did I do to the good god to have a woman who drinks in cafes with the men (1980)

Associated artists

AlloCiné rating: 2.36 / 5 tied with the following film.

Humorous chronicle of the life of Gabriel and Odette Crémieux, married for many years.

Saturn 3 (1980)

UGC Distribution

AlloCiné rating: 2.36 / 5

In the distant future, the earth is overcrowded and humans therefore seek to colonize and make habitable the other planets of the solar system. Adam (Kirk Douglas) and Alex (Farrah Fawcett) doing research on a satellite are soon disturbed by the arrival of Dr Benson. Potentially unstable and accompanied by a robot, he is increasingly threatening …

Lake of the Living Dead (1981)


AlloCiné rating: 1.5 / 5

Young women disappear under mysterious circumstances after bathing in a lake haunted by Nazi soldiers, killed and thrown into the water during World War II …

Zombie Terror (1981)

Jacques Leitienne Films

AlloCiné rating: 1.84 / 5

Organ thefts in New York hospitals are on the rise. A team of anthropologists and journalists will link these crimes to a cult on a small island in Southeast Asia. They turn out to be cannibals, and that the island is populated by terrifying living dead.

Mega Force (1982)

20th Century Fox

AlloCiné rating: 1.17 / 5

Gathered around their leader Ace Hunter, a group of men are determined to defend freedom wherever it is threatened.

My priest among the nudists (1982)

Jacques Leitienne Films

AlloCiné rating: 1.69 / 5

A country priest receives a mission from his bishop to convert a colony of nudists.

The Falcon (1983)


AlloCiné rating: 1.22 / 5

Frank is a cop who loves to catch his prey. Gus meanwhile, has not finished forgetting him, since he caused the loss of his wife, and injured his little girl for life. Their paths will cross again.

Emir prefers blondes (1983)

Impex Films

AlloCiné rating: 1.60 / 5

While staying on the Normandy coast, Emir Ibn ben Fattal moved into the mansion of Sam Moreau, impresario. The latter is in the company of Sylvie, a charming singer that he launches into the profession. Philippe, the son of the emir, who arrives to find his father, goes to meet Sylvie. The evildoer McGorell will decide to capture him in order to ransom the father.

The Crossbow (1984)


AlloCiné rating: 1.79 / 5

Since the beginning of the month, pharmacies have been regularly attacked by drug addicts in need. A big delivery should take place soon. Commissioner Rigault is on the lookout. He asks the Crossbow, a drugged young prostitute, for help in exchange for his freedom.

Hold me back … or I’ll be a mess! (1984)


AlloCiné rating: 1.83 / 5

A Las Vegas police officer, Jerry Logan, comes to spend a few days off in France with his ex-wife. But, she remarried a petty crook involved in the trafficking of works of art.

Diesel (1985)

UGC Distribution

AlloCiné rating: 1.2 / 5

In the future, a young woman struggles to escape the killers launched after her …

Howl II: Horror


AlloCiné rating: 1.4 / 5

A young woman whose sister was killed by werewolves helps an investigator track down the gang of wild beasts across Europe and the United States.

Creature (1985)

Visa Films

AlloCiné rating: 1.32 / 5

Two missions are sent to Titan to collect the remains of creatures nearly two centuries old. They don’t know they will be greeted by an unseen monster.

The Puritan (1986)

MK2 Diffusion

AlloCiné rating: 1.90 / 5

“Will be at the theater Sunday night. Sorry.” This is what Manon, 18, writes to her father Pierre after a year of absence. Ariane plays him the different possible arrivals of her daughter, but nothing calms the anguish of Pierre, who has come with his friend Ariane. He then asks his troupe of young actresses to play the character of Manon …

Teeth of the Sea 4: Revenge (1987)

Universal Pictures

AlloCiné rating: 1.41 / 5

Ellen, the wife of Chief Brody, decides to follow her son to the Caribbean, an underwater fauna specialist. Unfortunately, a great white shark will again spread terror. This time, Ellen is going to overcome her fears, and show the monster what to do with her.

Terminus (1987)


AlloCiné rating: 1.85 / 5

Gus, a beautiful young woman, must participate in a futuristic game where an electronically created truck must go through a series of trials to reach the Terminus.

The Witch (1988)

Bac Films

AlloCiné rating: 1.36 / 5

A psychiatrist is drawn into the world of his young patient who takes herself for a 17th century witch. To cure her, he will risk losing his own identity. “The rebels continue to interest me. What does not interest me is the representation of the defeated rebel, who ends up committing suicide, who fails.”

Poker (1988)

Sara Movies

AlloCiné rating: 2.19 / 5

A great poker lover, Hélène loses 50,000 francs that she has to reimburse in twenty-four hours to the owner of a bar. Faced with the refusal of help from her friends, she is forced to steal the sum from her brother.

Pentimento (1989)


AlloCiné rating: 1.65 / 5

The day Lucie learns the name of her father, whom she has never known, he has just died. She goes to the cemetery but has the wrong burial and thus passes for the hidden daughter of the patriarch of a large bourgeois family. The son, Charles, will immediately fall in love with this unexpected stepsister …

American Ninja 3 (1989)


AlloCiné rating: 1.86 / 5

A terrorist known as the Cobra inoculated Sean, the American Ninja, with a deadly virus. Sean and his allies then embark on a merciless hunt against Cobra and his army of ninja clones.

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