The world’s slowest musical composition, John Cage’s ‘As Slow as Possible,’ changes chord for first time in seven years

by Josefine OhemaLianne Kolirin, CNN

A musical composition designed to play well over 600 years has gone through a change in the hearts of its first seven years.

Entitled “to the patient as possible” (ASLSP) in accordance with the composition of the late American composer John Cage is due out in 639 years to miss at St. Burchard Halberstátti in a church in Germany.

Needless to say, no one will hear that a part of it, is this the project and gained possession of, in general, but it is enough, at once, my deliverer, when he should acknowledge the many fans at every point by the Church over the weekend has come with these things. In fact, he was not personally take part in the Livestream.

The performance started in 2001 in a specially built for super slow-paced organ recital. During that time, the space of 18 months of fighting, with the most recent change took place in 2013 are known.

And if it comes closer to the purpose of, the performance of 2640. In the other will come to the end of the most compelling reasons to have a relatively short Fans will, however, on the occasion of ambushes that they had prepared, which is the nearest to that due to a change in the hearts of 2022 of February.

From the project’s official website said: “In a formal ceremony in the direction of Raynerius O. Neugebauer, with assistance from John Lautenbach, two, organic, Jacob Vargas and Julian Lembke, completed the refurbishment of the organ pipes. An impressive number visitors are interested in following the change of line. “
Hail O. Neugebauer, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the John Cage Foundation Halberstadt, addressed the guests and the mass in the Church of St. Burchard hearts change.

Hail O. Neugebauer, chairman of the Board of Trustees of the John Cage Foundation Halberstadt, addressed the guests and the mass in the Church of St. Burchard hearts change. credit; H. Rein / picture alliance / dpa / Getty Images

The avant-garde composer John Cage was born in Los Angeles and New York in 1912 and died in 1992.

Among his best known works, ‘4’33’ ‘( “33 Second and four minutes”), which is composed of performers for 1952 remains silent as to the amount of time onstage.

Furthermore philosopher, a library, and a painter, Cage first wrote “ASLSP ‘for the piano in 1985. He organ of souls until two years later.

In 1997, five years after Cage’s death and organ symposium in the German town of Trossingen asked how to understand and, ultimately deals.

From the project’s website states “Organists, musicologists, organs workers, theologians and philosophers words about the technical, aesthetic and schools do, to do justice in the title part. The question is what is needed for an effect that one can in power seems to play “what is possible, as the patient is always – it is merely an instrument, and as long as there is life there is a wish for peace and future generations.

“From an aesthetic and a technical question, which is now the time course of the project developed decided to worldwide attention.”

The place and the time of your distinguished at the same time ‘provide’ for words which signify, according to the organizers.

The world’s first large organ, in Halberstadt in 1361. At the turn of the millennium, 639 years since the creation of the organ – and so it was decided that ‘it is outside the city, “the same can be achieved.

Place “in the time available before the fast-paced form of effort deceleration is slowing down and finding the sowing of the music is bad, as it signifies confidence in the future.”

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