The World of tomorrow on Arte: what is the series on the beginnings of NTM worth? at the…

Arte invites you to discover this award-winning series at the 2022 Series Mania Festival on its online platform, before it is broadcast on television at the end of October. A vibrant fiction about the young years of the NTM group and those close to Kool Shen and JoeyStarr.

What is it about ?

The world of tomorrow recounts the birth of the French hip-hop movement in the 1980s, through the birth of the legendary group NTM, and the dancer and graffiti artist Lady V, the journey of pioneer DJ Dee Nasty and his companion Béatrice young Parisian rebellious and rebellious. This joyful, rebellious and explosive saga with endearing characters embraces the cultural revolution of a youth in search of recognition.

The world of tomorrow is available in full on from Monday October 10 to Wednesday November 16, 2022. The series will also be broadcast on Arte on Thursday October 20 and 27, 2022 (three episodes per evening).

Who is it with?

Katell Quillévéré (Susan, mend the living), Helier Cistern (Of our wounded brothers), Vincent Poymiro, and David Elkaïm with the collaboration of Laurent Rigoulet, are the creators of the mini-series The World of Tomorrow. The first two also ensure the production of the six episodes of 52 minutes each and participated in the writing of the screenplay.

Anthony Bajon (AthenaAnother World) and Melvin Boomer (Wise man) play Bruno and Didier respectively, the teenagers who were to become Kool Shen and JoeyStarrthe stars of the French rap group NTM.

The World of tomorrow on Arte what is the series
Jean-Claude Lother

Andranic Manet (Holidays, eiffel) plays Daniel, future DJ Dee Nasty, and Leo Chalie (A serious job) lends her features to Béatrice, the musician’s girlfriend. Laika Blanc-Francard interprets Vivi, Bruno’s girlfriend better known under the artist name of Lady V. Finally, Victor Bonnell (The school of life) gives life to Franck, alias DJ Détonateur S.

Well worth a look ?

The World of Tomorrow highlights the emergence of hip hop culture in the 1980s in France, through a joyous swarm of young, passionate characters… and exciting to follow! Here, plots rooted in a not-so-distant reality burst with life and energy, for a modern and refreshing result on screen.

To materialize this ambitious project and so that it sticks as much as possible to what really happened, the creators of the series have immersed themselves in a great and meticulous work of investigation. In direct collaboration with the real protagonists of this story (Kool Shen, JoeyStarr, Dee Nasty….), hours of interviews took place, as well as hours of research on this era.

This colorful gang, whose members have a caustic sense of humor necessary to get through this existence, creates its own destiny before our eyes by experimenting with art. The newly emerging disciplines of breakdance, graph, scratch or rap then appear as essential and the most obvious means of expression.

1665400161 380 The World of tomorrow on Arte what is the series
Jean-Claude Lother

If a dimension of the order of survival is there, lightness and naivety also emanate from their approach. Their niac and thirst for asserting themselves are touching, their enthusiasm more than contagious. A generational movement is coming into the world before our eyes.

The 1980s aesthetic and the looks of our heroes more stylish than ever add authenticity. We navigate easily with them in this unknown and feared urban environment for a long time.

Grand Prize at the closing ceremony of the 2022 edition of the Series Mania festival, The World of Tomorrow is superbly embodied. Anthony Bajon exudes great sensitivity and Melvin Boomer amazes. Andranic Manet gives his dreamy and determined protagonist a very endearing side. Laïka Blanc-Francard and Léo Chalié are perfect as badass young girls, courageous and fighting against the misogyny of the milieu.

Vibrant, raw, funny, touching, this large-scale project is very successful and paints portraits of young people with a bright future.

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