The Woman Who Lived Opposite on Netflix: will there be a season 2?

A great success on Netflix, The Woman Who Lived Opposite the Girl at the Window is the comedy of the moment. But does its success on the platform and the open end of the first season allow us to consider a season 2?

Warning, spoilers! If you haven’t seen The Woman Who Lived Across The Window, don’t read the rest of this article.

Signing the big return of Kristen Bell, The Woman Who Lived Opposite the Girl in the Window was a risky bet for Netflix. Indeed, the series parodies the thriller broadcast by the platform less than a year ago, The Woman at the Window with Amy Adams, and all the other thrillers of the same genre such as The Girl on the Train with Emily Blunt, on these heroines worn on the bottle and who must solve a terrible murder.

Here, Anna – interpreted by a Kristen Bell who masters the art of satire without ever falling into excess – is a woman who now lives alone after the murder of her daughter and the departure of her husband. Painter, having dropped her brushes, she now sinks into alcohol and spends her time at the window watching the life of her neighbors.

In particular, his new neighbor, Neil (Tom Riley) a widower who has just moved in with his daughter. But one evening, Anna watches helplessly as Neil’s girlfriend dies. But no one wants to believe her. After a few convolutions, the series ends up solving its mystery in the last episode and designating a culprit… as improbable as it is frightening!

The woman who lived opposite on netflix: will there be a season 2?

It’s a child wielding a knife…!

But the series does not end there. The Woman Who Lived Opposite the Girl at the Window offers herself a bonus cameo as brilliant as it is unexpected with the great Glenn Close. A year after the events, Anna is back in a relationship with her husband Douglas (Michael Ealy) and is leaving for a weekend in New York to find her friend Sloana (Mary Holland).

On the plane, in seat 2A, sits a very chic woman (Glenn Close) right next to Anna. After falling asleep, Anna goes to the bathroom and finds her neighbor murdered. Anna rushes to the steward to warn him but when he opens the bathroom door, the body has disappeared. He even tells her that there has never been anyone at 2A!

The woman who lived opposite on netflix: will there be a season 2?

Glenn Close, icon of femme fatales

Anna thinks she is sinking into madness again, but she discovers on the seat of 2A the small mirror in which her neighbor was checking her make-up and hairstyle. That’s all it takes to launch Anna into solving a new mystery! So ends The Woman Who Lived Opposite The Girl At The Window, with that open ending that calls for a season 2.

True cliffhanger or joke?

The creators of the series answered the question with our colleagues from TV Line. “We did this just to excite the viewer” said Hugh Davidson, co-creator of the series. “It’s inspired, mainly by novels like La Disparue de la cabin n°10 where there is an excerpt from the author’s next book at the end…

This finale is therefore still a parody, but this time, books that inspire adaptations into feature films like The Woman at the Window or The Girl on the Train. “Movies don’t usually do that, [alors] we thought it was funny to do it in a series – to literally launch into a sequel” continues Hugh Davidson.

But what looks like a joke does not seem entirely gratuitous. “So it was by design from the start, [mais] there was a time when Rachel [Ramras], larry [Dorf] and I spent, like, two days trying to figure out the plot of that ending. So we have pages somewhere…” he says, hinting that they have material for a season 2.

Now it’s up to Netflix to seize the ball. Initially planned as a mini-series, The Woman Who Lived Opposite the Girl at the Window has all the arguments to continue with a season 2. Good luck…

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