The Woman in the Window on Netflix: what is this Hitchcockian thriller with Amy Adams?  - Cinema News

The Woman in the Window on Netflix: what is this Hitchcockian thriller with Amy Adams? – Cinema News

Available on Netflix, this thriller by Joe Wright stars Amy Adams in a scary camera. Surrounded by a superb cast, Amy Adams delivers as usual a flawless performance.

What is it about ?

Anna Fox, an agoraphobic child psychologist living cloistered in her New York home, begins to spy through the window on the perfect looking family who have settled across the street. Her life is turned upside down when she accidentally witnesses a terrible crime.

Who is it with?

This thriller shot behind closed doors brings together a very nice cast, made up of sure bets of American cinema. At its head, Amy Adams plays Anna Fox, a psychologist struggling with her own demons and witness to a tragedy.

To give the answer, it is a veritable parade of high-caliber actresses and actors. We thus meet Julianne Moore, Gary Oldman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Anthony Mackie… But also emerging talents including Wyatt Russell (revealed by his performance in the role of US Agent in Falcon and the Winter Soldier), Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) and Fred Hechinger (The Underground Railroad).

A Hitchcockian thriller

From the title, The Woman at the Window, we can guess the reference to Hitchcock and his famous Window on the courtyard. Indeed, the director Joe Wright does not hesitate to quote on several occasions the Hitchcockian classic via extracts and covers of gimmicks in his staging.

Another reference is also needed very quickly when we discover Amy Adams as an agoraphobic psychologist, unable to leave her home, and forced in spite of herself to participate in a criminal investigation. It is of course to Copycat and Sigourney Weaver that one thinks in this almost identical installation.

Once again, Amy Adams does not mind showing herself in a less flattering light, which is still rare among Hollywood stars. She easily convinces in this role of a battered woman, who has no other activity than to observe life in her neighbors opposite. After witnessing the death of her new neighbor, she loses her footing because no one wants to believe her.


Unlike his previous films, Joe Wright’s staging is fairly demonstrative, sometimes flirting with the experimental and a form of theatricality. We also regret that this exceptional distribution is not better highlighted. Only Wyatt Russell, aside from Amy Adams of course, finds himself with a consistent role and a true character to defend.

Was it this flaw in the script that put the brakes on the film’s release? Indeed, The Woman at the Window has experienced several setbacks. The theatrical release of the film – which was shot in 2018 – has been postponed many times, not just because of the pandemic. Catastrophic test screenings forced the team to shoot new scenes. Now acquired by Netflix, will it find its audience?

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