The Witcher’s Nightmare of the Wolf on Netflix: what is Geralt of Rivia’s mentor-centric anime worth?

The witcher's nightmare of the wolf on netflix: what is geralt of rivia's mentor-centric anime worth?

While waiting for the arrival of season 2 of The Witcher, Netflix overcomes the wait with an animated entitled The Nightmare of the Wolf. Does it deserve a look? We tell you everything.

What is it about ?

This animated spin-off will focus on Geralt’s mentor Vesemir and certainly on the origins of Kaer Morhen, the witcher’s shrine. Vesemir is a true father figure of Geralt of Rivia. The story explores his early years as the Witcher after the mysterious Deglan claimed him through the Law of Surprise.

Well worth a look ?

Netflix has seized on the literary saga of Andrzej Sapkowski and intends to extend the universe of The Witcher as much as possible. While waiting for season 2 centered on the Witcher Geralt de Riv (Henry Cavill) expected next December, as well as a spin-off titled Blood Origin, Netflix is ​​making up for the wait by releasing an animated first.

Entitled The Wolf’s Nightmare, it tells us about the beginnings of Vesemir, the one who would later become Geralt’s mentor and who would be introduced in season 2 of the mother series. A character that fans of novels and video games know well. It remained to be seen what treatment Netflix was going to reserve for him.

The first scene of the film is an appetizer and a warning: this animated spin-off will be violent, gory, and bloody (and you’ll even get to catch a glimpse of the hero’s butt). No wonder it is forbidden to people under 18 on the platform. The wolf’s nightmare does not skimp on the action, all carried by a classic but effective animation (signed by Studio Mir, behind Castlevania).

Its main interest is to make us discover and understand a little more the world of the Witers. The action takes place at a time when these mutants are still numerous. And even if a part of the population begins to reject them, they are called upon to rid them of the rare monsters that inhabit the planet.

And it’s interesting to understand how we came to the series of The Witcher, in which de Riv is one of the last Witers. As for the revelations about the fall of Kaer Morhen, they will particularly appeal to fans.

If this origin story aspect is interesting, the main plot is a little less so. We have the right to a matter of hybrids, revenge, mages, elves and war between peoples. If the fight scenes are epic enough to make us watch to the end, we can quickly guess the final twist …

Despite everything, the last seconds of the anime allow the wagons to be hung up with the mother series. We now expect only one thing: to find The Witcher next December:

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