The Witcher: season 3, anime, spin-off, … the next franchise projects on …

The witcher: season 3, anime, spin-off,... The next franchise projects on...

While season 2 of The Witcher is finally released on Netflix, look back at what the next projects around The Witcher are on the platform, between spin-off, anime and new season.

Fans of The Witcher will have had to wait two years before being able to discover season 2, now available on Netflix. However, they had been able to wait between season 1 and season 2 with an animated prequel, titled Nightmare of the Wolf, which centered on Vesemir, the mentor of Geralt de Riv (Henry Cavill).

And the platform intends to extend the universe of The Witcher even more in order to make it a real franchise since new projects were announced during its TUDUM event. Here’s what to expect for the sequel to The Witcher.

A season 3 for The Witcher

It was almost obvious but The Witcher will have a third season. The Witcher, who has finally found Yennefer (Anya Chalotra) still has a lot to do to protect Ciri (Freya Allan), who discovers powers as powerful as they are dangerous. But above all the war between humans, elves and monsters rages on as all covet Ciri, who turns out to be an essential part of this fight that can save them all or wipe them out. Especially since a dreadful secret about his family was revealed in the dying seconds of the season 2 finale.

Blood Origin: The Prequel Series

Already in production, The Witcher: Blood Origin is a six-part prequel series created by Declan De Barra and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. Set in the elven era, 1200 years before Geralt de Riv, this spin-off will tell a forgotten story, that of the conjunction of spheres. The series will retrace the events that led to this union of the worlds of monsters, humans and elves, also seeing the emergence of the first Witcher.

The Witcher: Blood Origin cast includes Sophia Brown, Michelle Yeoh, Laurence O’Fuarain, Lenny Henry, Mirren Mack, Jacob Collins-Levy and Dylan Moran.

According to Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, this prequel spin-off will be very astonishing to fans based on his statements for TechRadar : “I think what’s really going to surprise people is that the show won’t look any older than The Witcher. In fact, in some ways it looks more modern. Because we’re talking about it. of what Elven civilization was like before the humans came, before the spheres came together. So I think it’s going to be really fun and surprising for the fans. “

A new anime

After the success of The Wolf’s Nightmare, the first anime of The Witcher franchise, released in the summer of 2021, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich let it be known at the TUDUM event that a new animated film would be released.

Even if this project, still without a name and without a synopsis, will not be visible for a while, the showrunner of the series clarified to Entertainment Weekly that it would be a separate film:

“I have no idea what that will be because we’re just starting to work on it. Hopefully this anime will be a little more standalone project that will bring a new take on the franchise and also be able to stand out. “

A family series

Finally, The Witcher will also be accessible to the little ones. Netflix has indeed announced that a more family-friendly series is in development. Away from the darkness, nudity, and violence of other films and series in the franchise, this series was sold as fun and for kids.

We do not know the plot or the animation style of this series, untitled at the moment, but it should significantly move away from the original material and especially show the youngest a simpler story of fighting against monsters. .

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