The Witcher on Netflix: Season 2 will be directly linked to the Wolf’s Nightmare anime

The Witcher on Netflix: Season 2 will be directly linked to Wolf’s Nightmare anime

In a video posted to Twitter, The Witcher showrunner explains how and why Wolf’s Nightmare anime will have a direct impact on the expected season in December. Warning for spoilers.

Warning this article contains spoilers on the anime The Witcher.

With The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare that subscribers can discover for a short week on the platform, Netflix continues to expand this fantastic universe. But if the form is different and it is a prequel, this anime is directly related to the series worn by Henry Cavill. This is what showrunners Lauren Schmidt Hissrich explains in this video shared on social networks:

The witcher on netflix: season 2 will be directly linked to the wolf's nightmare anime
The witcher on netflix

The producer has followed the creation of The Witcher anime closely and reveals why drawing was the only way to achieve their ambitions: “The fall of Kaer Morhen has been portrayed as faithfully as possible in my opinion. We’ve got dozens of witers, a hundred monsters, and thousands of humans. I know we could never have done this in live action, we couldn’t have done it justice. “

Kaer Morhen is an iconic location in Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, which will ultimately be destroyed at the end of the film. It is in this dilapidated place that Geralt and Ciri go in season 2 of The Witcher, in order to give the latter a very special training.

Those who haven’t seen the anime probably won’t know that the castle was the site of a bloodthirsty fight between humans, hybrid monsters, witchers, and witches. We learn at the end of the film that Geralt was present at the scene and that the events also marked him …

The wolf’s nightmare tells us above all the origin story of Vesemir, witcher and future mentor of our white-haired hero. A character played by Kim Bodnia (Killing Eve) who will make her debut in season 2. Also in this video, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich makes the connection between these two heroes:

It is a story around the figure of the father. We understand that Vesemir was a father figure for Geralt, and that he was ready to put his life on the line to preserve this new generation of Witers. When we find Geralt in season 2, he fights with the same idea: the Continent continues to change and he is projected into this role of father figure. He has Ciri by his side and it is his duty to protect her.

It will be necessary to wait until December 17, when the new season goes online, to discover Geralt in this new role and to find Kaer Morhen.

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