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This Wednesday comes The Williams Method, biopic of Richard Williams who is none other than the father of tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams. Meet the two racquet superstars as well as Will Smith, who plays their father on screen.

Richard Williams is not a man like the others: initially having no experience in tennis, he drew up a plan of 78 pages describing the training of his daughters Venus and Serena from their 4 years in order to make it champions of this discipline.

A bet more than successful when we know the fate of the two sisters that Reinaldo Marcus Green tells in the film The Williams Method, on display since today, with Will Smith in the role of the patriarch and Aunjanue Ellis in the skin of his wife.

AlloCiné attended the press conference given by them as well as Venus and Serena Williams, on November 7 in Los Angeles. Selected pieces.

Venus and Serena, how does it feel to see such a biography of your life on the big screen with your father played by Will Smith?

Venus Williams: What a huge emotion to see our life thus adapted in film, and with such a cast of formidable actors. From the moment I read the script until I saw the trailer and then the entire movie, I always had tears in my eyes. It’s really addicting to re-immerse ourselves in everything that Serena and I have been through.

It was also very moving to relive the scenes with our whole family played by the various actors selected to interpret us. Between takes, we were really one, like a big family, with all these actors. And we are grateful for their interpretation. I am really proud of this feat of bringing such a film to life. It really is a surreal moment for us.

Serena Williams: It’s really hard to express the emotion that overwhelms me when I see this wonderful cast and this film so moving, bringing back so many memories in me. It is hardly believable to see the destiny that we had, this epic to get where we arrived at. As Venus says, it’s just surreal, it’s like a daydream. I am also so happy with the interpretation of Will Smith which is really inhabited by my father Richard, he plays it to perfection.

The williams method: will smith, venus and serena williams confide with emotion - news...
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Will, what really drove you to make this movie. Did you really fight for this role and to successfully edit this feature film?

Will Smith: In fact, it all comes from an interview Venus gave when she was just 13 years old. During this interview, her father, Richard, played the reporter and I was so impressed with Venus’s lion gaze, totally stoic and solid. It changed the way I educated my daughter, I wanted her, too, to have that look of total self-confidence. I was really in awe of the lion in Venus. It was really at that moment, almost 20 years ago, that I fell in love with the man that is Richard Williams. I knew I wanted to play such a father who thus protects his daughter and gives her all his strength.

It’s interesting to see that beyond the two female stars with Serena and Venus, there is also another force of nature put forward with their mother, Oracene…

Aunjanue Ellis: Yes, and it was really a good surprise to see that the film does not only put forward the patriarch, but also shows the primary role of the mother and how she also fought like a lioness for her daughters. It would have been a family betrayal not to put her forward like Richard. She deserves that screen presence and that strength. That only does it justice.

Venus felt programmed like a Jedi.

Will this is not the first time that you have played the role of a father on screen, was the approach different, did you put “daddy Will Smith inside ?

Will Smith: I remember Venus telling me how she felt “programmed” as a Jedi to become what she has become. And it was not forced as some parents do with their children. In fact, what their father did was just put some more fuel on the inner fire that was already burning in Serena and Venus.

When I take on a role, it is above all to learn something about someone or about a subject that intrigues me. And for me it was a revelation as a parent because I learned with Richard to really join forces with my children rather than imposing such and such a vision on them.

The williams method: will smith, venus and serena williams confide with emotion - news...
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I think if you dictate certain behavior to your children, you don’t get much. But if you start to “play” with them, then the success is at the end of the common effort. All their lives the Williams have lived a collective effort where each was the partner of the other, the support of the other. It was totally different from my upbringing because I had a military style father and therefore I had to follow his orders without arguing.

Believe in yourself and anything is possible.

Venus and Serena, what do you expect from this movie? What impact do you think it can have?

Venus Williams: Everything is possible. I hope that the young girls who will see this film will understand that you have to hang on in life and never give up, never doubt yourself too much. It is better to spend your time having self-confidence rather than doubting yourself. You always have to work on yourself and build unfailing self-confidence. It takes time, but it is possible.

You also have to know how to keep your family close to you, the family is an additional strength to overcome any personal doubts that you may have. This is the real message of the film: that family is the most important thing in life. Sometimes you are born with a family, sometimes you have to find one, but it is thanks to the family spirit that you can rise up and go further in life.

Serena Williams: I agree with my sister. Believe in yourself and anything is possible. Any ambition is within your reach if you give yourself the means to get there, by working hard, by always having confidence in yourself. Never be afraid in life to aim high, very high.

The williams method: will smith, venus and serena williams confide with emotion - news...
Warner Bros. France

Will and Aunjanue, what will you keep from this experience?

Aunjanue Ellis: I was so touched by the divine grace to be able to make this film. And to work with a super-star like Will Smith who is the most human and the most generous of all humans. I am so grateful for the chance to be a part of The Williams Method.

Will Smith: I have so much respect for Demi and Saniyya who learned to play like Serena and Venus. It’s the hardest thing to learn to be a superstar like these. I know what I’m talking about since I had to learn to box like Muhammad Ali for the movie Ali. Moreover, I am really won over by Saniyya who learned to play with the right hand like Venus when she is left-handed! What a tour de force!

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