The Wheel of Time on Prime Video: who is the reincarnated Dragon?

In Episode 4 The Wheel of Time on Prime Video, the quest for the Reincarnated Dragon took an unexpected turn. But aren’t the authors trying to lead us away?

Warning, this article contains spoilers on the first four episodes of The Wheel of Time. If you haven’t seen them, don’t continue reading this article.

The first episodes of The Wheel of Time aired on Prime Video and these are a major change from Robert Jordan’s books. It concerns the prophecy of the reincarnated Dragon. The promotion of the series suggested early on that Egwene (Madeleine Madden) and Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) would both be concerned by the mystery surrounding the identity of the reincarnated Dragon.

This theory was quickly confirmed during the broadcast of the first three episodes, first making Egwene a serious candidate. As a reminder, the reincarnated Dragon is a sort of messiah who can just as easily save the world or destroy it. It all depends on whether it falls into the hands of the Good or the Evil camp. This is why the forces of the Dark One are looking for him along with Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) and the Aes Sedai.

At the start of the series, the identity of the reincarnated Dragon is a mystery. Based on the clues they were able to put together, Moiraine and Lan (Daniel Henney) were able to narrow the list of possible candidates to Rand (Josha Stradowski), Perrin (Marcus Rutherford) and Mat (Barney Harris).

A departure from the novels

The possibility of Lews (the First Dragon) being reborn as a woman and Egwene being the target of Darkover forces is a departure from Robert Jordan’s original story. But this change could come for the benefit of the series and anchor Egwene a little more – and a little better – in the story of The Wheel of Time.

In the books, Egwene is motivated by the desire to leave the village of Deux-Rivières and travel the world. For her, Moiraine and Lan’s plan to return to the White Tower represents a great opportunity to see the country. She insists on following them for this purpose. But the series deviated somewhat from this initial premise.

In the television adaptation, Egwene’s decision to leave Deux-Rivières makes a lot more sense than in the books. Simply because she has no choice. She is forced to leave with Moiraine, Lan and the three boys because she too is the target of the Trollocs army. Unlike her alter ego in the books, she doesn’t want anywhere else. The massacre of the village by the Trollocs constitutes a much more solid argument for integrating it into this adventure.

The wheel of time on prime video: who is the reincarnated dragon?
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Is Nynaeve the Reincarnated Dragon?

But the broadcast of episode 4 last Friday was another game-changer. And we begin to understand that Rafe Judkins, the creator of the series, and his team of writers intend to lead us into a game of false trails. The episode’s ending turned out to be quite spectacular, hinting that Nynaeve is the reincarnated Dragon.

Although she is not one of the four candidates for reincarnation, as they were presented in the first episodes, the series heavily hints that the Wisdom of Deux-Rivières is the person Moiraine and Lan have been looking for from the start. . The outsized level of power she unleashes in the cave at the end of the episode left everyone stunned. Including, the self-proclaimed and berserk dragon Logain – played by an all-black Álvaro Morte under powerful eyes and gazes.

Nynaeve then becomes the No. 1 candidate for the position of reincarnated Dragon since it can be reincarnated as a woman. It is all the more believable now that she has been seen to deploy incredible power using the One Power, healing all the Aes Sedai and their guardians who had just suffered mortal wounds in one fell swoop. Logain himself, and despite the madness that overwhelms him – like all men who use the One Power – seemed to be struck by the obvious.

Diversion technique

Despite this cliffhanger at the end of episode 4, the mystery is not yet resolved. The spotlight is on Nynaeve for now, but her power level doesn’t prove that she is the reincarnated Dragon. First of all, because Nynaeve is already incredibly powerful in Robert Jordan’s books, so being stronger than the other Aes Sedai is impressive admittedly but not defining.

In the books, she and Egwene have a natural and very spectacular talent with the Unique Power, which is probably why Nynaeve is able to achieve this feat in the cave. As Lan points out, don’t forget that Zoë Robbins’ character is too old to be the Dragon. Moiraine is interested in her at first but seems to eliminate her as a credible candidate when she finds out that Nynaeve is 25 rather than 20, unlike the three boys.

It’s highly likely that this big reveal about Nynaeve – along with any clues to hint that Mat may have the One Power – in Episode 4 is meant to serve as a distraction for viewers. And especially to make them forget Rand, who is the Dragon reincarnated in the books of Robert Jordan! We can guess here the will of the series to make the true identity of the reincarnated Dragon a persistent mystery.

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