The Watts Affair on Netflix, a fascinating immersion in a police investigation – teller report

Discover “The Watts Affair, Chronicle of a Family Slaughter”, immersed in a difficult and visually stunning police investigation, available on Netflix.

The watts affair on netflix, a fascinating immersion in a police investigation - teller report

The Watts Affair tells how, in 2018, Shanann Watts and her two daughters disappeared. The investigation begins and little by little, her husband, the only member of the family still present, is the subject of suspicion.

With The Watts Affair, Netflix offers a documentary centered on a chilling and abominable news item that we will not spoil here. Its originality is more in the treatment of the investigation and the form it adopts, because rather than opting for reconstructions and docu-fiction, the film remains tragically down to earth. And that’s what makes him so powerful.

Today, cameras are everywhere: on phones, in the streets, in homes, part of our life is also found on the internet, and it is thanks to all these elements that the director Jenny Popplewell tells this true story. , making it all very alive and therefore quite trying to watch. The film uses cameras hanging from police officers, FBI interrogation rooms and Shanann Watts’ many video posts on Facebook before her disappearance.

If no physical violence is shown, psychologically, the film can be difficult to follow to the end, placing the spectator as a voyeuristic witness of the progress of the investigation by confronting him with things which, if they are part of the daily life of the forces police, are not necessarily easy to hear by an outsider.

Still, it is difficult to get away from this fascinating or even hypnotizing documentary, in a rather innovative form. There is no doubt that he is a pioneer in this field and could pave the way for an entirely different way of telling real events. One thing is certain: it does not leave you indifferent.

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