The Walking Dead: the most hated child in the series has changed a lot!

The Walking Dead the most hated child in the series

No, it’s not Carl Grimes. His name is Sam Anderson and some have already forgotten him, but in his time the character was not appreciated at all! What has become of the young actor since his departure from the series in season 6? We tell you.

Whereas The Walking Dead is fast approaching its end – the last 8 episodes of the series will indeed be broadcast from October 2 on AMC – reflections and flashbacks of all kinds are inevitable.

Which characters could surprise and be back in this final stretch? What would Glenn have thought of the new camaraderie between Negan and Maggie? Will the survivors find that Rick is still alive somewhere?

As always when it’s been a long time since a series was born, as is the case with The Walking Dead, the effects that the passage of time has had on the characters, at the level of the plot but also on the evolutions physical appearance of those who embody them, attract attention. And more particularly among young people, whose evolution is always surprising.

Many are no longer alive, but throughout the 11 seasons of the seminal zombie series, we’ve come across quite a few children who had the misfortune of growing up during the apocalypse and, although in Judith’s case, the little one has been played by several actresses, in other cases like that of Carl, we have been able to witness the physical changes that Chandler Riggs experienced as he grew from a child to a teenager. Others, like Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) and Mikhail (Kyla Kenedy), did not last long in the show but we can see today how much the actresses have grown.

And that’s exactly what we did with Sam Anderson, a character who did not have a fundamental role in the series but who nevertheless became one of the most hated by viewers.

Interpreted by Major Dodson, Sam Anderson never had much to say and had little to do in the plot of the series: he also barely appeared in 10 episodes between the fifth and sixth seasons. However, that was enough to keep the little survivor consistently appearing at the top of Ranker’s list of most hated The Walking Dead characters, with the most votes from readers.

For those who don’t remember him, Sam was one of the residents of the Alexandria Safe Zone with his parents and brother, and due to his situation at home, he attempted to get closer to Carol (Melissa McBride) with whom he has established a more or less close relationship.

His atrocious fear of zombies ended up causing his death and that of his loved ones, but Internet users did not regret it too much since, from the start, fans had considered the little boy as annoying and selfish and made it known on social networks.

During his time on the show, Major Dodson was around 12 years old. He is now 19 years old and has obviously changed a lot as you can see below.

And what happened after he left the show? The actor continues to play small roles in various series and films, The Walking Dead remaining his most important work.

In addition, the interpreter, suffering from an autism spectrum disorder, accomplishes a remarkable and essential mission in relation to the visibility and normalization of autistic people. A reality that, as he has said in interviews, empowered him and allowed him to become a better actor.

Thus, Major Dodson played the title role of the film Tyson’s Run of Kim Bass, released earlier this year, which tells the inspiring story of a young autistic man with mediocre athletic abilities who nevertheless decides to become a real marathon runner. He delivers a nice performance there which proves that the actor has not yet said his last word.

While the first episodes of the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead are now available on Netflix, the last part, meanwhile whose trailer below has just been unveiled –, will be available in October on OCS.

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