The Walking Dead: the episode that the creator regrets

The confession does not date from yesterday but has been talked about again after the broadcast of “The Walking Dead: World Beyond”. As the parent series prepares to broadcast these last episodes, back to the chapter that Robert Kirkman regrets.

This year, The Walking Dead, the original, will say goodbye to the end of its eleventh season, the second part of which is about to be broadcast on OCS, and in which the characters already seem to be taking their respective definitive paths, leading them to the grand finale.

If AMC’s hit zombie fiction comes to an end, the universe it built will continue to exist. Firstly through the spin-off Fear The Walking Dead but also thanks to two other series which have already received the green light from the channel: Tales of the Walking Dead and the still untitled one centered on the characters of Daryl and Carol. Without forgetting the film projects that will have Rick Grimes as the protagonist.

During its twelve-year history, The Walking Dead however, lost viewers along the way and no longer reached the audiences – in the tens of millions – that it used to record, especially for the episode where Negan brutally murders Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Michael Cudlitz). But, at the dawn of its end, expectations are high and many wonder what the production has prepared to put the final touch to its story.

Back to CDC

How will it end? Will the ending be open setting the stage for the aftermath of the apocalypse in the new series? Will Rick Grimes return? Will progress be made on the virus that ended the world? With the ability to reverse its deadly effects, perhaps?

This last question, precisely, was part of the plots of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, the second spin-off of the franchise, which presents a group of characters more accustomed to coexisting with zombies. This thus revealed more about an advanced organization, the MRC, with its precise plans to end the zombie apocalypse.


The series ended in November 2021 with a post-credits scene that took the story back to the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with Dr. Jenner, the scientist played by Noah Emmerich who revealed to Rick Grimes that “if we die, we change” in the final episode of the original series’ very first season.

The episode Robert Kirkman wouldn’t have done

The return of the franchise to this mythical and distant moment of The Walking Dead did not go unnoticed by fans -and less fans- of WorldBeyond, who saw in this sequence an opportunity to learn more about the origin of the zombie virus. Information that, according to his own statements, the creator of the comic book Robert Kirkman did not want to reveal in any way.

The scene thus brought to light some statements by the author about episode S01E06 of The Walking Deadtitled “Test Subject 19”. Robert Kirkman assured for a long time that he regretted this chapter, which he would not have done if he had thought better. The screenwriter is also one of the founding members of the series’ creative team.

“It revealed too much”he acknowledged in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter in 2014. “If I had to do it over again, I wouldn’t have done the CDC episode. It may have given too much information and it was such a big change very early on in the show. I feel like that maybe there had been a better way to end the first season”.

“It ended up being a fun episode”admitted all the same Kirkman. “I love the character of Dr. Jenner and I think Noah did an amazing job. But there were things in this episode that I didn’t think belonged in The Walking Dead universe.”.

The team of The Walking Dead: World Beyond, directed by Matthew Negrete, obviously did not share this opinion, since it decided to revisit the idea in the epilogue of the spin-off series. An epilogue which also revealed the French origin of the virus.

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