The Walking Dead: the 10 most significant deaths of the series

Shocking, bloody or unexpected: these deaths have all marked a before and after in the series “The Walking Dead”… Are you ready to relive them? SPOILER warning!

Being the survivor of a zombie apocalypse isn’t easy, as at any time you can become the meal of a group of strangers or a once-loved walker who ended up kindly murdered by close relatives. And that, fans of The Walking Dead have been witnesses for more than a decade, the series adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic book having multiplied the deaths spectacularly for eleven seasons.

It is also certain that the second part of its final season will not be outdone, it which already suggests the end of Alexandria and the rise of the Commonwealth. A look back at the ten most significant deaths in the series, the last moments of which are to be discovered from February 21 on OCS.

Noah – Season 5 Episode 4


Cause of Death: Devoured by walkers after getting caught in revolving doors.
Nicholas cornered Noah in this death trap and Glenn couldn’t help him. Pity…

Carl Grimes – Season 8, Episode 9


Cause of death: suicide by gunshot after being bitten in the stomach by a walker.
While helping Siddiq get to Alexandria, Carl is attacked. He then conceals his mortal wound until he can take no more. Subsequently revealing his critical condition to his father, the young man commits suicide with the weapon he has carried since he was a child…

Glenn Rhee – Season 7, Episode 1


Cause of death: two powerful blows to the skull from Negan.
Glenn’s last words will be: “Maggie, I’ll find you”. The scene is not only cruel – in addition to being bloody, with eyes ejected from their sockets – but also heartbreaking.

Jessie Anderson – Season 6, Episode 9


Cause of Death: Devoured by walkers as her eldest cries for her.
Jessie and her two children try to escape with Rick, but at nightfall little Sam starts crying and gets eaten. Destroyed, the mother no longer defends herself when her turn comes.

Merle Dixon – Season 3, Episode 15


Cause of death: killed by the Governor then, once a zombie, stabbed in the head by his brother.
Merle indeed tries to assassinate the Governor, but it backfires… A violent and sad scene, an inconsolable Daryl.

Hershel Green – Season 4, Episode 8


Cause of Death: Beheaded by the Governor in front of his daughters, Beth and Maggie.
Farmer Hershel was well-liked on the show. After filming this episode, its interpreter, Scott Wilson, himself died of leukemia in October 2018. This fan-favorite character was his last role.

Sasha Williams – Season 7, Episode 16


Cause of Death: Stabbed in the skull by Maggie after becoming a zombie.
Sasha poisons herself so she can die and turn into a zombie in order to attack Negan’s men and kill him. However, her plan does not go as she wanted…

Sophia Peletier – Season 2, Episodes 1 and 7


Cause of death: bitten by a walker in the shoulder and therefore transformed (off screen), then finished off with a shot in the head by Rick (her best friend’s father) After fleeing into the woods , Sophia is bitten by walkers. The little girl is then sought after in each episode of season 2. But it is only in the last episode that we find her… zombified in Hershel’s barn and already living dead since the day of her disappearance.

Amy Harrison – Season 1, Episodes 4 and 5


Cause of death: two walker bites, one in the arm and one in the neck, then gunshot to the head once it became a zombie.
A horde of walkers attacks the refugee camp where Amy and the other survivors live. In bad shape, the young woman bleeds out in the arms of her sister Andrea, who then gives her the final blow.

Shiva, the Tigress – Season 8, Episode 4


Cause of Death: Devoured by a group of walkers.
To save her master, King Ezekiel, who was trying to flee with Carol and Jerry, the tigress attacks walkers before becoming the victim herself. Animal lovers will say that this is the saddest death of all. And you, what do you say about it ?

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