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The actor Steven Yeun, who played Glenn in the series “The Walking Dead”, looks back on what this show phenomenon represented for his career.


While promoting his latest film as an actor, Minari, Steven Yeun returned for Variety on his participation in The Walking Dead, in which he starred for six consecutive years and the trifle of 81 episodes:

For me it was an incredible blessing to work on The Walking Dead because not only did I meet great people who taught me great ways of living – being a professional, being an actor, taking your job seriously – but also to submit to a beast like Walking Dead.

This last sentence suggests that the series, world success, adapted from cult comics, was a big production with which to compose. Yeun specifies his feelings in a second excerpt from his discussion with the magazine Variety :

“Leaving [la série], I especially felt that I hadn’t had time to understand who I was, my voice or what I wanted to say. I was always at the service of this great story. And in a way, it resonates with the way I was raised in my youth. I think it’s over, now I want to go to the other side [de la caméra]. “

Yeun recently moved into production overseeing the shooting of Minari, directed by Lee Isaac Chung. The film was very well received in the various festivals where it was able to pass last year, collecting the Audience Award and the Grand Prix at the last Sundance Festival. Among his upcoming projects, we find many voices for films or animated series: Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans, Mages et sorciers: Les contes d’Arcadia (Netflix), Invincible (Amazon). He has also just completed the feature film The Humans, adapted from a play, which puts a family in an unforeseen situation and studies the reactions of each in this difficult context. For Yeun, the page The Walking Dead seems well and truly turned.

As for the series more than ever underway, the additional episodes of the tenth season will be broadcast on AMC in the United States from February 28, and the next day at home in US + 24 on OCS Choc.

The mistakes and blunders of season 9:

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