The Walking Dead season 11 on OCS: this line that Jeffrey Dean Morgan did not want to pronounce

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During an interview, Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed to have been deeply disturbed by one of the lines of his character Negan, spoken in the opening episode of “The Walking Dead” season 11.

The walking dead season 11 on ocs: this line that jeffrey dean morgan did not want to pronounce

Attention, what follows goes back in detail on the plot of the first episode of The Walking Dead season 11. If you have not seen it yet, and do not want to know anything about its content, you are then strongly recommended to interrupt read this article now.

For its first episode, season 11 of The Walking Dead did not hesitate to shock fans by ending with the presumed death of Maggie, who fell in the middle of a horde of zombies after Negan decided not to reach out to her to help her.

During this same episode, a heated argument between Negan and Maggie about the leadership of the young woman; the former leader of the Saviors did not hesitate to speak out against the latter to criticize her decisions, believing that her choices will precipitate the group of survivors towards certain death. Negan then added that he didn’t want to end up like Glenn, Maggie’s husband whom he murdered with a baseball bat.

A line that shocked many fans of the series as well as the interpreter of Negan, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In an interview with our colleagues fromEntertainment Weekly, the 55-year-old actor has also admitted to having sought to modify the line before finally resolving to keep it as it is in the final version of the sequence:

I fought against this line! I immediately called the showrunner to tell her that it will be impossible for me to play her. (…) I did not find it essential, and I was convinced that they would prove me right. We filmed three or four different versions of the scene. We tried saying “your husband” and stuff like that, and then I ended up agreeing to do a version with Glenn.

Negan’s turnaround marked an unexpected and thrilling kickoff in this final season of The Walking Dead whose final episode has not yet been written because the broadcast will be split into three parts (the season has also been exceptionally extended to 24 episodes).

The episodes of The Walking Dead season 11 are broadcast every Monday exclusively US + 24 on OCS Choc.

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