The Walking Dead on OCS: who is Mercer, the new character introduced in season 11?

The Walking Dead on OCS: Who is Mercer, the new character introduced in the final season of “The Walking Dead”, broadcast every Monday in the US + 24 on OCS Choc?

The walking dead on ocs

Attention, what follows goes back in detail on the first episodes of The Walking Dead season 11, but also on the comics from which the series is taken. If you have not seen or read them and do not want to know anything about their content, then you are strongly advised to stop reading this article now.

Last season requires, the heroes of The Walking Dead will cross paths with a new iconic character, Mercer. A true force of nature, the latter is one of the representatives of the Commonwealth community, which this final season of the horror series will explore.

Dressed in red armor and wearing a mohawk, Mercer is played by Michael James Shaw; the 34-year-old actor has appeared in the Constantine and Blood & Treasure series, but also in the Avengers films as Corvus Glaive, one of Thanos’ minions.

Attending the interrogations submitted to Ezekiel, Princess, Eugene and Yumiko, the latter has not yet revealed his true nature. Despite his intimidating physical presence, the one who describes himself as one of the bosses of the Commonwealth nevertheless showed an element of humanity by offering Ezekiel a glass of water, then bringing Yumiko a cup of coffee shortly before that. ci be accepted within the Commonwealth.

The walking dead on ocs: who is mercer, the new character introduced in season 11?Delcourt
Mercer in the comic book “The Walking Dead”.

In comic books The Walking Dead, Mercer is described as a former serviceman turned one of the strongmen of the Commonwealth. If he appears at first as the prototype of the blindly obedient soldier, the latter will gradually express mistrust vis-à-vis the management of the community, a utopian democracy behind which in reality hides a totalitarian dictatorship.

Joining the more egalitarian ideology of the heroes of the series, Mercer will then become a strong ally in the ultimate battle that will lead the survivors still led by Rick Grimes. He also forms a memorable couple with Princess, also a newcomer to the television series (although introduced in season 10).

Will the Mercer TV version be faithful to the character of the comic book? Will he become an ally, or on the contrary embody a threat to our heroes? Response every Monday with the broadcast in US + 24 on OCS Shock of the episodes of The Walking Dead season 11!

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