The Walking Dead on OCS: what we expect from the first part of season 11

What should we expect from the final season of the horror series “The Walking Dead”, the first part of which will be broadcast exclusively US + 24 on OCS from Monday, August 23?

The walking dead on ocs: what we expect from the first part of season 11

It’s confirmed: the eleventh season of The Walking Dead will indeed be the last. However, the farewell of the horrific series is not imminent, since this season 11 has been extended by the AMC channel to 24 episodes (against the 16 episodes of the previous ones); it will also be broadcast in three parts, the first of which will begin this Monday, August 23, exclusively for US + 24 on OCS Choc.

The Commonwealth enters the scene

After the Saviors of Negan and the Whisperers of Alpha and Beta, a new group of enemies is about to emerge: the Commonwealth. These armored soldiers indeed appeared during the finale of season 10, then during one of the special episodes devoted to Princess.

What do we know about this new community? At present, little information about them has filtered, except that they have an elite troop of over-trained and over-equipped soldiers. One of them had managed to establish contact with Princess, even suggesting that he had no hostile intention against her. It was nevertheless a ruse, since the episode had ended with the capture of the latter.

The walking dead on ocs: what we expect from the first part of season 11


Within the Commonwealth, two characters will be of paramount importance in the plot. Mercer first, played by Michael James Shaw (FBI), a force of nature wearing a mohawk; provided that the story of the series follows that of the comics, the latter will maintain a very special relationship with Princess.

Like the Whisperers, the Commonwealth clan is led by a woman named Pamela. Played by Laila Robins (The Handmaid’s Tale), the latter leads her community with an iron fist, not hesitating to make all the decisions – including the most difficult ones – to ensure the survival of her family.

Maggie and Negan, a tense reunion

The other major axis of this season 11 will be the relationship between Negan and Maggie. The former bloodthirsty leader of the Saviors had indeed assassinated at the opening of the seventh season two of the heroes of the series including Maggie’s husband, Glenn. Defeated by Rick Grimes and sentenced to life imprisonment, the latter has since started a way of the cross to redeem himself from his past crimes.

“It’s an unpleasant situation for both characters: Negan is frustrated, and Maggie is upset that this guy is out of jail and is in better shape than when they last met.” also mentioned Jeffrey Dean Morgan on this subject in an interview (read our dedicated article).

The walking dead on ocs: what we expect from the first part of season 11


The special episode dedicated to him ended on a most intriguing note; convinced that Maggie will never forgive him, and believing that she will not hesitate to kill him at the slightest opportunity, Negan hinted to the young woman that he will not let it go, apparently not having any more intend to apologize for anything to her.

Will the war between the two characters start from the opening of this new season? Or will they manage to find common ground, for example by allying themselves against the Reapers, this small group of masked men launched in Maggie’s heels?

Towards an open end?

The dissemination of The Walking Dead will therefore be completed in the coming months, and many questions about its outcome remain unanswered. Fans are wondering whether or not Rick Grimes, the former hero of the program, will return before the final episode of the series; the filming of the film of which he is supposed to be the main character has apparently still not started.

It should also be remembered that the stopping of The Walking Dead will not, however, mark the final end of the story. While two spin-offs are currently in the air (Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond), two new series will soon see the light of day: the anthology Tales of the Walking Dead and a still unnamed series dedicated to the tandem formed. by Daryl and Carol.

Which characters will survive the series? How will the Meet the Heroes with members of the Commonwealth go? Rick Grimes and Michonne will they return in the series? So many questions to be answered in this eleventh season, to be followed exclusively on OCS from this Monday, August 23.

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