The Walking Dead on OCS: what to expect from the special episode of season 10?

The series “The Walking Dead” is back on OCS, on the occasion of the broadcast of the six special episodes of the tenth season.

The walking dead on ocs: what to expect from the special episode of season 10?

The Walking Dead is back on OCS! The horror series returns to us this Monday, March 1 for six special episodes, during which new enemies will arrive, while a character adored by fans will finally reappear. Here is an overview of what awaits us during these new and never-before-seen adventures.

New community, new danger

The last episode aired last October left us on a final stage seeing Eugene, Ezekiel and company surrounded by members of a whole new community. Entirely covered in a combat suit, its members have not yet been identified, although it seems unlikely that they will present themselves as pacifist allies. After Saviors and Whisperers, are these the next villains in the series?

Remember that if we trust the chronology of the comic books, the so-called Commonwealth would be supposed to make its debut in these special episodes. For those who haven’t read the comics, note that this is a community with advanced technology and overwhelming military resources. However, it is not impossible that it is not the Commonwealth (the series has often taken its distance from the plot of the comics), and that the introduction of its members occurs only during the film. Rick Grimes, whose filming has still not started.

Maggie back

It’s no longer a secret: Maggie did make her comeback in the last episode of The Walking Dead. Left with her son Hershell to join the mysterious community led by the equally intriguing Georgie, the young woman has finally returned to save in extremis Gabriel from a horde of living dead. The reappearance of the latter did not, however, make it possible to obtain an explanation for her departure, and even less for her return. Why did she come back, and is this the Maggie as we once knew her?

One of the highlights of these special episodes will of course be her reunion with Negan, the murderer of her husband Glenn. If the former leader of the Saviors has gradually redeemed himself with the heroes, notably by playing a decisive role in the battle against the Whisperers, the latter will however have a hard time convincing Maggie that he has changed. Will she be able to forgive him?

Remember also that these episodes will mark the “reunion” between Negan and his wife Lucille. It will probably be flashback, or hallucinations, the young woman having succumbed to an illness before the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse at the very beginning of the series. For the anecdote, Lucille will be embodied in these episodes by Hilarie Burton, wife in the city of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the interpreter of Negan!

The end of the series is in sight

If they will aim to extend the tenth season, these special episodes will also have the task of refining the plot of the eleventh and final season, expected for this fall (except postponement). The end of the series has been confirmed by the production, but that will not mean the end of The Walking Dead : While the Rick Grimes movie is still in the works, a spin-off centered on Daryl and Carol has also been commissioned.

Redoubling his ambition despite growing public disinterest in recent years, Scott Gimple – the head of the franchise – could also unveil new spin-offs, such as a prequelle series on Negan (a comic book has already explored the past of the character) or other forms of continuation of the parent series such as the anthology Tales of the Walking Dead, also commissioned by AMC.

The six special episodes of The Walking Dead will be offered every Monday in US + 24 on OCS Choc and on the OCS on-demand platform.

The Walking Dead: the trailer for the special episodes broadcast at home on OCS!

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