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The final season of “The Walking Dead”, expected from next August, will start with a beating pace, its showrunneuse Angela Kang has promised.


No more time to waste! The next season of The Walking Dead – which will also be the very last in the series – will start at a brisk pace. The showrunner of the program Angela Kang has indeed confirmed to our colleagues of TVLine that the plot will know a significant advance, this from the episode of recovery.

“When the final season begins, we will immediately move forward (…) The story will move forward from the first episode.” she thus announced, a promise which guarantees in substance to the fans that the series will not offer a “filler” episode as has very often been the case in the past.

Although this season 11 will be longer than the previous ones (24 episodes ordered), the series has indeed still a lot of things to deal with including the introduction of a new enemy community (the Commonwealth, glimpsed in one of the special episodes of this beginning of the year), but also the reunion between Maggie and Negan, and finally the unsolved disappearance of Rick Grimes.

Recall that the final of the series will also aim to make the connection with its future spin-off devoted to Daryl and Carol, two emblematic characters now angry while recent events have revived the pains of the past.

The final season of The Walking Dead is to be followed from August 22, exclusively US + 24 on OCS Choc and on the OCS platform on demand.

The first images of the final season of The Walking Dead series:

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