The Walking Dead on OCS: Character Daryl’s past ready to resurface?

The Walking Dead on OCS: Character Daryl’s past ready to resurface?

Norman Reedus has hinted that Daryl may be caught up in his past during the final season of “The Walking Dead,” currently airing on OCS.

The walking dead on ocs: character daryl's past ready to resurface?

Be careful, what follows comes back to the plot of the episode devoted last season to Daryl. If you have not seen it and do not want to know anything about its content, then it is strongly recommended that you stop reading this article now.

Will hell befall Daryl in the final season of The Walking Dead? It is in all that suggested his interpreter Norman Reedus during an interview granted to our American colleagues of TVLine.

The 52-year-old actor spoke of the special episode dedicated to Daryl last spring, during which we followed his romantic encounter with the lonely survivor Leah during the ellipse of several years that followed the departure of Rick Grimes. . Crossed in love according to meetings, the romance had nevertheless ended following the departure of Leah, who had left as a memory of their story to Daryl the dog who now accompanies her in all his adventures.

And if a reunion seems on the agenda, the romance between the two characters could very quickly turn sour, according to Norman Reedus’ words: “It will inevitably be a test for the characters to come together, in the good as in the bad sense of the term. (…) Unresolved conflicts will resurface” he commented in particular. He adds :

It’s very difficult to talk about it because it’s a very important story. But the fact that he spent so much time searching for Rick, and that he’s still looking for him without losing hope of finding him one day, is the main reason he can’t engage in a relationship with someone else.

These words open the field to a multitude of questions: Under what circumstances will Daryl and Leah end up? Will Daryl discover any new clues about Rick Grimes’ whereabouts? Will the lovers manage to put their differences aside? Leah to appear in the spin-off dedicated to Daryl and Carol?

The episodes of The Walking Dead season 11 airs every Monday in US + 24 on OCS Choc.

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