The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon ending, explained

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is the latest in a flurry of spin-offs of the walking dead, expanding the franchise into new areas previously unknown. It focuses on fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), one of the few people who did not exist in the comic books but was created solely for the show. He mysteriously arrives in Paris, and provides an entirely new setting and a new primary language for the series (don’t worry, there are subtitles) as well as plenty of F-bombs (there are no language restrictions on this show. No!) ​​and one the last of us-Like a trip.

How did he get there, what happened, and what’s going to happen in the already confirmed second season? With a big reveal at the end, there’s a lot to love and look forward to The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon,

Early encounters in France

Isabelle looks out the window in a scene from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.
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The story begins with Daryl bathing on the beach in France. It is later revealed that in exchange for a job (collecting walkers for testing) in exchange for fuel for his motorcycle, Daryl gets into a feud with a group of gangsters, whom he accuses of murdering a timid, innocent young man. Was. He was locked up and left for dead, but Daryl is not one to sit quietly. He and his classmate planned to escape, disarm the ship’s crew, and board a boat to safety. However, during the scuffle, the other man is swallowed by bystanders, while Daryl falls into the water, from where he somehow swims to safety. By then he had crossed the international water border.

He meets a nice young woman and an elderly man, but they are attacked by angry military men. Once again, luck is on Daryl’s side and he is saved by a nun named Isabelle (Clemence Poesy). She cares for him and nurses him back to health and tells him what she wants from him: in the convent lives a young boy named Laurent (Louis Puch Scigliuzzi), whom she believes to be the Messiah. It is later revealed that he is her nephew: Laurent’s sister died when he was born and he is transformed, which she believes makes him a miracle child, capable of saving the world. Ready for. She wants to take him to a safe commune called The Nest where he can do God’s work and prepare for the New World.

A man in uniform looks dangerous in a scene from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.
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However, Daryl has no interest in helping. True to his style, he doesn’t want any attachments. He just wants to get back home (before he inevitably has to leave again). But when uniformed men working for the woman in charge of the ship follow Daryl and attack the convent, killing several people, he feels responsible. He’ll help her with this one thing, but then he’s leaving.

people they meet

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon has a scene with Daryl at gunpoint with two young teenagers.
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Like any Walking Dead series, the heroes encounter many people in their journey. From a preschool full of kids who miraculously survive on their own to a music conductor gone mad (using Walker as his band of merry instrumentalists), no one is much help. But they give Daryl a chance to try out his new weapon of choice, a chain mace, and bring Daryl face to face with another American like he used to be. “I’m not your brother,” Daryl growls when the racist, ignorant man begs him to go back to his family, not realizing he probably already did a long time ago.

Eventually he found useful allies with a group of Isabelle’s network in Paris. Somehow, they end up in a ’60s underground bar featuring jazz singers, burlesque performers, drinks and plenty of food. To Isabel’s surprise, the place is led by Quinn (Adam Nagaitis), Isabel’s former friend/boyfriend who she thought was long dead. Isabelle learns that he is also Laurent’s biological father.

But Quinn is less interested in Laurent and more interested in getting Isabelle back. This leads the former thief and party girl turned nun (yes, Isabelle, one of the show’s most compelling characters) to make a difficult decision: she must leave Daryl alone in The Nest to find Laurent. Asks to take it. He has some unfinished business to complete. If she doesn’t, she knows Quinn will persist in his search.

how does daryl dixon end

Daryl walking with Laurent in a scene from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.
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Fans see Daryl soften as he becomes a father figure to Laurent and when they learn more about everything from his relationship with God (or rather the lack thereof) and his troubled past to The Nest. When he sets out for the sea, he opens himself up to the captain of the boat. Fans see Daryl as a weakling when he tells Isabelle how her grandfather fought in the war in France, where he died, and thus abandoned her father. Daryl believes this is partly why his own father was absent for most of his life. This is the kind of character development fans have wanted to see for a long time the walking dead,

However, tragic circumstances lead to Daryl being captured, where he faces an all-too-familiar scenario: he is caged like a wild animal, forced to fight electrically enhanced walkers for sport. Went, while the citizens kept watching. However, they are no match for the fierce fighter, which leads to a second attempt: he is chained to Quinn, she is also captured, the lights are turned off, and they are attacked by walkers. , are allowed to go out with each other or both.

A scene from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon shows Daryl on his knees in anger.
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The intensity in this scene increases, even though fans know there’s no way Daryl is going to die. However, Quinn is bitten and while they both survive, he sacrifices himself so that Daryl can escape, ensuring that Daryl will tell Isabel about his last selfless act. Quinn’s revived body later attacks Isabelle, causing Laurent to end his father’s life to save his aunt. “I know he wasn’t there,” says the soft-spoken Laurent, “and God will forgive me.”

Eventually they reach The Nest, which, it turns out, is Mont-Saint-Michel, a tidal island and mainland commune in Normandy. It’s run by an American who moved to Paris in the 90s. Daryl looks and feels like home, trains the residents to fight, hangs out with Laurent, and even learns a little French: “Enchante” he says smilingly and over dinner. He says while raising his glass. Daryl is becoming a changed man, but he’s still nagging that something is missing. He has to go home.

Daryl is standing in the middle of a field in a scene from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon.
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Daryl says goodbye, although no one wants him to leave. He sets out on a boat that they have arranged to help him get home. Before reaching the shore (and fighting more walkers), he comes across a cemetery of American soldiers. Daryl frantically searches for gravestones until he finds his grandfather’s grave, shedding tears as he remembers his past life and recognizes his grandfather’s sacrifice. However, as he is approaching the shore, Laurent calls out from over a hill. The boy has secretly followed Daryl, presumably hoping that he can convince his new friend to stay. Daryl’s decision has not been revealed.

one last surprise

Carol looking to the right in The Walking Dead.
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The final scene before the credits roll makes Daryl Dixon worth the wait. A bearded man is racing down the road on a motorcycle, a car buzzing behind. He stops, shoots at the tire of the car and raises the gun, threatening the driver to come forward. Out comes a short-haired Carol (Melissa McBride), who raises her hands and explains that she just wants to find her friend. Gasp! Is she joining the show for season 2? The man is riding Daryl’s bike and she wants to know where he got it.

Carol quickly regains control, knocks him down and puts him in the trunk. She holds a gun to the man’s head and asks him to tell her where he got the bike from. If he’s lying, she won’t come back to throw him out. Don’t mess with Carol.

A signal reveals that he is in Maine, the last place Daryl told him about when he was able to call home over the radio before reaching France. Carol is more than 3,200 miles away from Daryl’s last known location, but it’s entirely possible that she could follow his path to the Bastille of the Sea; That is, if he decided to go back there.

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