The Walking Dead: a Guardian of the Galaxy could have been a zombie

In full promotion for the action movie – zombies “Army of the Dead” boxed by Zack Snyder for Netflix, Dave Bautista let go at the microphone of Empire which he tried, without success, to play in the series The Walking Dead …

The walking dead: a guardian of the galaxy could have been a zombie
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Like a sweet irony for Dave Bautista. Currently in full promotion for Army of the Dead, the upcoming action movie on Netflix in which Zack Snyder finds his angry zombies 17 years after his impressive Army of the Dead, Bautista has cracked a little confidence at the microphone ofEmpire. The latter battled to appear in the cast of the series The Walking Dead, without success.

I tried to join the cast of the series for years! I even said I was ready to play a zombie for free, but they said to me: you are too big! “ At the same time, it is true that a zombie of nearly 2m high (1.98m exactly) would have detonated, given the more or less puny tendency of creatures and to stand rather stooped …

For the record, Dave Bautista plays in Army of the dead a man named Scott Ward, at the head of a group of mercenaries plunged into a city of Las Vegas infested with zombies. Without a specific release date at the moment, it is expected this year. The trailer should not be too late.

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