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Released 18 years after the second part, “The Visitors 3 – The Revolution” is broadcast tonight on TMC. But why did Christian Clavier and Jean Reno wait so long before finding their famous characters?

18 years after The Visitors 2: The corridors of time – and without counting a small American trip that we would rather forget – Jacquouille la Fripouille and Godefroy de Montmirail continue their temporal journey in a third feature film which propels them to the pivotal era of the French Revolution, and more precisely in 1793, during the Terror.

But why did you wait so long before telling this third story?

Released in 2016 and broadcast tonight on TMC, this new film on which Christian Clavier and Jean-Marie Poiré were already working in 2013 is not really to be considered as a sequel (even if it begins where the second part concluded) but rather like a new adventure, told differently, as the interpreter of Jacquouille told us in an interview shortly before the release of the feature film.

This historic crossroads, where everything is suddenly turned upside down for the two families of Jacquouille and Godefroy, has notably enabled the Visitors to welcome a whole new generation of actors:


“The two characters are in a time when their descendants do not suit them at all”, explained Christian Clavier in 2016. “It is a time of complete upheaval, it is the moment when the family of Jacquouille takes the castle from the family of Godefroy. The social relationship changes, so the comedy becomes different. And then it allowed us to give very important roles to a whole new generation that comes from a lot of different backgrounds, and therefore to regenerate the film, to present you with new adventures that are not really a sequel. “

Sylvie Testud as Robespierre’s sister, Franck Dubosc as a progressive nobleman, Karin Viard as an arrogant courtesan or Ary Abittan as a Marquis Trouillard condemned to the guillotine …


Designed with a troop spirit in the theatrical sense, The Visitors – The Revolution has thus allowed Christian Clavier to offer new roles to other younger actors, to mix generations, exactly as in the days of Grandpa made resistance, when Michel Galabru, Jacqueline Maillan or Jean Carmet rubbed shoulders with the troupe of Splendid :

“That’s why it’s good to do it 20 years later, it allows us to do that”, Clavier told us. “Otherwise, we would have been simply under the influence of a commercial sequel, where we would have remade roughly the same film, more or less well, and automatically less well since you have already seen the first ones. Whereas here, we really renew . So you’re in another movie. “

Interview in Paris on March 29, 2016

The Visitors – The Revolution airs tonight on TMC.

(Re) discover the full interview …

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