The Very Bad Trip 3 on TFX: will there be a 4th film?

The very bad trip 3 on tfx: will there be a 4th film?

Started in 2009, the Very Bad Trip saga ends with a third opus, broadcast tonight on TFX. If some would dream of seeing the adventures of our heroes continue, there is little chance that a fourth part will see the light of day.

Since 2013, the year of Very Bad Trip 3, a question remains unanswered: will there be a fourth part for the saga that began in 2009? Polled multiple times, the actors are formal and categorical: there is no question of it. It must be said that some were already reluctant to make the third opus …

Because they felt that the franchise had lost its momentum, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis thus placed a condition on the announcement of the project: they would return to the 3 only if they were promised not to make a fourth film. . Galifianakis had to use solid arguments to finish convincing Cooper.

Besides, there was never really any question of going beyond 3. Even before this last opus was on the rails, the director Todd Phillips was already talking about the trilogy: “If we had to do a third, if the audience wants, if the desire is there, I think we have a very clear idea in our heads. “he confided in 2011 to IndieWire. “It certainly won’t be in the same pattern as what you’ve seen in previous movies. The third would mostly be a finale and an ending.. “

Invited to the Grand Journal in full promotion of Very Bad Trip 3, Bradley Cooper confirmed that it would be the last. Words endorsed in 2018 by Ed Helms, interviewed by CinePop : “I would say the chances of seeing a fourth movie are between zero and zero. “As for Zach Galifianakis, Alan’s interpreter even expressed some regrets on the podcast microphone WTF : “It’s a big part of my life, that I don’t regret, but I would have preferred that we stop after the first. “

A reasonable choice in view of the deterioration of criticism with regard to the second and third parts and the tumble of entries on the last opus. However, the Very Bad Trip-verse may not have said its last word: rumors have been circulating for years about a possible spin-off around the character of Leslie Chow …

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