The Tourist on France 2: what is the crazy thriller worth with Jamie Dornan, the star of…

France 2 is launching the series “The Tourist” tonight, with Jamie Dornan (“Fifty Shades of Grey”) in the role of an amnesiac man who tries to understand why we want to kill him. A breathtaking thriller in the vein of the films of the Cohen brothers.

What is it about ?

A man is driving quietly in the Australian Outback when suddenly a tractor-trailer chases him and ends up dragging him off the road. The man wakes up in the hospital, miraculously alive but injured, and above all without the slightest memory. He will then do everything to find out who he is and especially why someone would want to kill him…

Mondays June 20 and 27 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2 (three episodes per week).

6 episodes seen out of 6.

Who is it with?

Seen recently in Belfast, Irish lovesor love again, Jamie Dornanaka Christian Gray in Fifty Shades of greymade thanks to The Tourist a remarkable return to the small screen, which had revealed it to many series fans with Once Upon a Time and The Fall.

British-Australian series in six episodes, The Tourist was a hit at the start of the year on BBC One and offers Dornan the complex and enjoyable role of “the man”, an amnesiac hero who will try to discover who he is and what he may have done well to those who seek to kill him.

Facing him, viewers of France 2 will find Danielle Macdonaldthe revelation of Patti Cake$, Shalom Brune-Franklin (cursed, War of the Worlds), Damon Herriman (justified, Quarry, Mr. Inbetween), Ólafur Darri Ólafsson (Trapped, Lady Dynamite) and Alex Dimitriades (Hartley, raw hearts, The slap).

The tourist on france 2: what is the crazy thriller worth with jamie dornan, the star of...

Jamie Dornan, aka the man, in The Tourist series

Well worth a look ?

Thrillers based on memory and amnesia are legion in cinema and on television, from The memory in the skin at blind spotPassing by John Doe. And on paper, The Tourist could have looked like a pale, sunny and Australian copy of the adventures of Jason Bourne. But it was without counting on the talent of the creators Harry Williams and jack williams (Liar, Baptist) and actors involved in this crazy adventure.

Vibrant tribute to the film Duel of Spielbergthe opening scene of the series, during which the hero played by Jamie Dornan is chased by a truck launched at full speed, is a total success which, in addition to grabbing us, deploys beautiful ideas of realization which set the tone from The Tourist: a series aware of its influences which, despite marked references, is determined to surprise us.

In an atmosphere between thriller and comedy, the man, in search of truth about his identity and his past, cross paths, Helen Chambers, a police officer in training who must also deal with a fiancé caricature of a finished macho who constantly reminds him of his kilos in addition, Luci, a waitress who knows more than she lets on, Billy, a disturbing American cowboy, Lachlan Rogers, the inspector in charge of the investigation into the assassination attempt on the hero, and Kosta, a surprising Greek gangster.

The tourist on france 2: what is the crazy thriller worth with jamie dornan, the star of...

Helen Chambers, the young investigator played by Danielle Macdonald

With this gallery of characters, each stranger and more whimsical than the other, who evolve in a very classic deep Australia in which the cursors of dangerousness would have been pushed to the extreme, we obviously think of the films of the Cohen brothers. And it’s rather a good thing as The Tourist turns out to be enjoyable and completely crazy.

Even if the rhythm weakens in the second part of the season, after three high-flying episodes, the new foreign series of France 2 is a very good surprise which owes a lot to its moments of absurd comedy and to its interpreters.

Amazing and often very funny, Jamie Dornan certainly finds here the most beautiful role of his career. And if all the characters, or almost, are a delight, it is really the atypical and explosive duo that the man forms with Helen Chambers – formidable Danielle Macdonald – who carries the whole thing and greatly contributes to the success of The Tourist.

And if the answers that we are waiting for fortunately end up arriving, The Tourist has been such a success across the Channel, with 12 million viewers for its launch at the start of the year, that the BBC has already ordered a season 2 of which we still don’t know anything at the moment. But we can’t wait to find out.

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