The Tinder Scammer on Netflix: already more than 100,000 euros collected for the victims of …

The victims of Simon Leviev, who was the subject of the documentary L’Arnaqueur de Tinder on Netflix, can count on the solidarity of Internet users to pay off their huge debts following this incredible scam.

This is the documentary not to be missed right now on Netflix: The Tinder Scammer, which looks back on the incredible scam of Shimon Hayut alias Simon Leviev. Son of the villainous rabbi Yohanan Hayut, Simon Leviev pretended to be the heir of a diamond magnate in order to seduce and trick several women on the famous dating application.

Not skimping on high-flying means and schemes, worthy of a Ponzi scheme, Simon Leviev claimed to women who fell under his spell and were manipulated that he was being pursued by dangerous enemies and demanded large sums of money from them to “to get out of trouble”. Playing on feelings and urgency, the scammer could, thanks to this trap, lead a dream life by using the money of his victims while dangling mountains and wonders to each of them, with hotel stays of luxury and private jet travel.

And when the victims began to discover the pot of roses, this fake Israeli billionaire became extremely threatening since he had recovered their personal data and very quickly moved on to another prey, making sure never to stay very long in the same country. According to The Times of Israelthe scammer managed to scam a total of $10 million from his victims across Europe between 2017 and 2019.

A pot for the victims

Among the victims of Simon Leviev, three of them, Cecilie Fjellhøy, Pernilla Sjoholm and Ayleen Charlotte, who testified in the Netflix documentary, launched an online kitty on GoFundMe in order to recover the money stolen by the scammer. The three women have astronomical debts, amounting to several hundred pounds, to be cleared.

The tinder scammer on netflix: already more than 100,000 euros collected for the victims of...
Joshua Wilks/Netflix

It would seem that sympathetic Internet users are taken with a great outpouring of generosity since the fundraising of up to 600,000 pounds sterling has already reached the bar of 115,000 pounds (about 137,000 euros). Cecilie Fjellhøy made a point of specifying the conditions and explaining the sum of this kitty in the following comment: “£600,000 is a lot of money, and we don’t expect to raise the full amount. But we wanted to be realistic with the target and the losses we suffered.”

The young woman explains that she needs 280,000 pounds for increased interest on her loans after 4 years and legal fees. Ayleen, meanwhile, is hoping for £220,000 in total for interest on her personal loans over 4 years, credit card bills stemming from the fraud and lawyers’ fees she’s had to pay due to 5 different lawsuits against banks and loan companies. Finally, Pernilla hopes to raise £100,000 to cover her personal loss, credit card bills resulting from the fraud and legal fees.

Where is Simon Leviev?

Yet wanted for fraud in Israel since 2011, Simon Leviev managed to carry out his various scams for several years, despite several arrests. Sentenced to 15 months in prison in Israel in 2019, he was released five months later.

The tinder scammer on netflix: already more than 100,000 euros collected for the victims of...
Screenshot/Instagram of Simon Leviev

The scammer hasn’t stopped his frauds as he took it upon himself to offer business advice for a fee and pose as a medical worker in 2020 in order to get a dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Covid faster according to The Times of Israel.

Since the broadcast of the documentary L’Arnaqueur de Tinder on Netflix, the washington post revealed that several dating apps including Tinder,, OkCupid and Plenty of Fish have banned him forever.

Meanwhile, Simon Leviev is still wanted for fraud and forgery and forgery by Norway, Sweden and the UK but appears on social media with his partner driving luxury cars and on board jets private. Very active on Instagram, the scammer thanked “his fans” for their support and pledged to tell “his truth” about the case.

“I want to express to you through this statement that my side of the story will be told in a few days, I just hope that this story will gain strength, that more people will find out that I am going to tell the whole truth. So I will tell all the facts in about 3 days or so. I’m going to set this account to private and make a video talking about EVERYTHING.”

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