The three brothers on TFX: which child star almost played little Michaël?

On the occasion of the broadcast this evening of the Three Brothers, return on the casting of the character of Michael, the child in charge of the Unknowns. Did you know that this role could have gone to baby-star Jordy?

Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan and Pascal Légitimus, alias Les Inconnus, form a legendary trio in Les Trois frères. But a 4th person came to join our happy children: Antoine du Merle, interpreter of Michaël

The little boy is very important in the plot, accompanying the three friends on their incredible adventures through France.

In an interview published in the magazine First in April 2019, Les Inconnus discussed behind the scenes of the cult film, in particular the casting of the child.

The process was very difficult and very long; the Unknowns auditioned many young actors, including a certain Jordy.

A true star seed, the baby singer rose to fame in 1992 at the age of 4 with the song Very hard to be a baby ! The disc has sold 6 million copies!

The three brothers on tfx: which child star almost played little michaël?


Antoine du Merle

The three accomplices remember: “One day I was sick and Bernard Campan called me: “Damn, Claude Berri wants us to do some tests with Jordy!“confides Didier Bourdon to Première.

Not very convinced by the idea, Campan put his cards on the table with the producer. According to the actor, his instinct was not lacking for this casting:

“On found himself face to face with a kid who was too young and didn’t give a damn“.”For him, it was just a game. He said the sentences without setting the tone“adds Didier Bourdon.

“The three brothers” on TV tonight: what happened to little Michael?

These catastrophic tests did not surprise Pascal Légitimus: “he represented everything that was criticized!“, he says.

Finally, this failed audition with Jordy allowed the Unknowns to convince Claude Berri to hire Antoine du Merle for the role of Michaël.

“I was chosen among 3500 kids. I still don’t know today why me more than another. I think it was done by feeling”, said the actor (now 33 years old) on AlloCiné.

Antoine then acted in ten films and twenty TV productions. As for Jordy, he has never set foot on a cinema shoot; his only feats of arms are limited to one episode of the scripted reality show The day everything changed.


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