The Third War: what is this film on the sentinel mission with Anthony Bajon, Karim …

The third war: what is this film on the sentinel mission with anthony bajon, karim...

“The Third War”, the first feature film by Giovanni Aloi, bringing together a cast of choice (Anthony Bajon, Karim Leklou and Leïla Bekthi) arrives on the big screen this Wednesday. Here is what you need to know about this film about the Sentinel mission.

What is it about ?

Léo has just finished his classes in the army and for his first posting, he receives a Sentinel mission. Here he is roaming the streets of the capital, with nothing to do except stay on the lookout for a possible threat …

The Third War, directed by Giovanni Aloi, written by Giovanni Aloi and Dominique Baumard, with Anthony Bajon, Karim Leklou, Leïla Bekhti … Released September 22, 2021.

Between realism and thriller-style tension

It is difficult to define in a few words what this film is, The Third War, because it is based on a mixture of genres which makes it its primary quality. This feature film, obviously very well documented, seduces first of all by its realism, the precise way in which it depicts these men embarked on a Sentinel mission.

But the film ventures rather quickly on other paths, by working its atmosphere, eyeing at times towards a science fiction imagery, and by creating an atmosphere of tension, like a thriller. The director plays with our benchmarks, putting us in the state of uneasiness of his main protagonist embodied by Anthony Bajon.

Marrying his growing mistrust, it was the opportunity to film Paris in an unprecedented way. Through Corvard’s gaze, the idea was to get the viewer to change his perception of familiar places as he knows them, whether in his daily life or in his imagination.“, explains its director.

The goal is that during the film, you find yourself wondering “is there a real danger in Paris today?” The Third War is a film about vision, about observation, continues the filmmaker. TOu closer to these soldiers, every street corner is home to a potential terrorist, every car is potentially trapped, every window hides a sniper “.

The Third War recalls, in certain respects, the climate of a film like Taxi Driver, in which the spectator lets himself be carried away by the gaze of his protagonist. “Observing the city through the eyes of an adrift figure was a post-attack atmosphere “, precise Giovanni Aloi. Another strong reference from the director is none other than Dino Buzzati’s Le Désert des Tartares: “the waiting soldier who sinks into madness, the states of mind linked to the waiting, the importance of fatigue as well as the action“.

The film brings together a cast of particularly prominent actors, Anthony Bajon (recently headliner of Teddy), Karim Leklou (currently in theaters, with Bac Nord) and Leila Bekhti (expected next week in Les Intranquilles by Joachim Lafosse ).

The actors are all very fair. A military adviser was also called upon to bring the maximum precision to their actions. The character played by Leila Bekhti was also written in collaboration with a soldier, who had the same experience as her.

Basically, the film is also captivating in its way of shedding light on the journey of these soldiers, in particular from a sociological point of view. “Corvard (Anthony Bajon) is a young provincial from a modest family going up to Paris. There is, in his education, a family failure, a void that he seeks to fill. He is in search of meaning, he needs order, and this order he will seek in the army. In the streets of Paris, he discovers a hostile universe: he is confronted with a sociology which is foreign to him and which regards him with suspicion and contempt … The soldiers are mainly from the working classes, they come from the suburbs or the countryside, and many are children of immigrants. Arrived in Paris, they find themselves at the heart of the breakdown of society. ”analyzes its director.

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