The Third War teaser: Anthony Bajon and Leïla Bekhti in a film about Operation Sentinel

Discover the teaser of The Third War by Giovanni Aloi with Anthony Bajon, Karim Leklou and Leïla Bekhti. The feature film is due out in theaters on March 31.

For his first feature film, the Italian director Giovanni Aloi stages the story of Léo, a young man who has just finished his classes in the army and receives, for his first assignment, a Sentinel mission. Here he is walking the streets of the capital, with nothing to do except stay on the lookout for a possible threat … A film which tells the story of France after the terrorist attacks of January 2015.

Anthony Bajon – twice nominated for the César for best young male hope for La Prière (2018) and In the name of the earth (2019) – holds the main role. The actor is surrounded by Leïla Bekhti and Karim Leklou.

In the teaser, unveiled today, the three soldiers are caught in riots. If his colleagues seem panicked, Leo seems determined for his part. Presented at the last Venice Film Festival (in Orizzonti selection), this drama paints a realistic portrait of soldiers from Operation Sentinel (military operation to fight terrorism) who find themselves mobilized for a threat as palpable as it is invisible.

The third war teaser: anthony bajon and leïla bekhti in a film about operation sentinel

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In the film’s press kit, the director explains his desire to take an interest in the soldiers in this operation: “JI was in Paris at the time of the 2015 attacks. In two days, the city has completely changed. I had never perceived such silence in the capital, such terror. Following the declaration of the state of emergency, the presence of soldiers on patrol in the streets, machine guns in hand, has become common. I watched them a lot doing nothing for hours. And this inactivity surprised me. The relationship between an individual’s personality and the work he has chosen is a question that fascinates me. With these soldiers, I was faced with a paradox: those who become soldiers have chosen this profession to make themselves useful to society; however, as sentries, they find themselves idle. “

The Third War is due in theaters on March 31.

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