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George Clooney unveils his new movie The Tender Bar on Prime Video. Here he adapts the successful memoir of journalist JR Moehringer with a Ben Affleck at the top of his game. Here are 5 things to know about this drama to discover on January 7th.


Expected January 7 on the Prime Video platform, George Clooney’s new film is an adaptation of the successful autobiography of American journalist and writer JR Moehringer, Pulitzer Prize winner in 2000. The Tender Bar tells the story of the first twenty years of his life and the long hours spent in the bar run by his eccentric Uncle Charlie (Ben Affleck) to escape the family chaos.

The only father figure in JR’s entourage (played as a child by Daniel Ranieri, then as a teenager by Tye Sheridan), this colorful character will take under his wing the young man determined to pursue his personal and professional ambitions.


Ben Affleck said he has a special connection to the film and his role in an interview for Vanity Fair at the premiere of The Tender Bar: His father Timothy Affleck worked as a bartender in the 1980s.

The Tender Bar on Prime Video 5 things to know
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“There were a lot of similarities for me personally with this film. My father worked in several bars, ” he recounts. “My parents were divorced, so my brother and I often went to see my dad at work like many others do.”

His father also passed on his passion for writing and literature to him. “Oddly enough and by pure coincidence, my father really instilled in me the same respect and esteem for language and writing that Uncle Charlie’s character conveys to JR,” also emphasizes the actor.


Unveiled in preview at the London Film Festival in October 2021, and screened in a few cinemas across the Atlantic, The Tender Bar will finally be available to French viewers on January 7 on Prime Video. Even before its official release, the feature film has already attracted the attention of critics, especially the performance of Ben Affleck.

The interpreter of Charlie is indeed nominated for the Golden Globes 2022 in the category of best actor in a supporting role for his performance in the drama of George Clooney. Verdict on January 9 at the official ceremony!

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The Tender Bar marks the 2nd collaboration of Ben Affleck and George Clooney who had already worked together on the excellent thriller Argo, awarded in 2013 with the Oscar for best film (as well as best adapted screenplay and best editing). The two men were producers of the feature film, with Ben Affleck also wearing the caps of director and actor.

For the adaptation of the memories of JR Moehringer, the interpreter of Charlie was delighted to find his comrade: “George is one of the best storytellers,” applauds Ben Affleck to Vanity Fair. [C’]is someone who makes you better, and he’s so welcoming. It makes you feel appreciated and included. I’m very lucky to have worked with him. ”


If many know him for his roles in Emergencies, the Ocean’s saga or even Gravity, George Clooney is already in his eighth film as a director with The Tender Bar. He was also nominated for the Oscars in 2006 against Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee for the production of Good Night and Good Luck. We wish him every success with this new project!

Discover The Tender Bar starting January 7 on Prime Video.

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