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On the occasion of the release of the animated series adapted from his own eponymous audio fiction, Cyprien Iov explores with us his favorites and cult works around time travel!

Adapted from the audio fiction of the same name broadcast on Youtube between 2017 and 2018, L’Epopée Temporelle is the first animated series created by Cyprien Iov. Both screenwriter, producer and voice actor for the main character, the Youtubeur signs here his first original project, surrounded by solid co-writers: François Descraques (The Visitor from the Future) Yacine Belhousse (Dead Landes) and Bruno “Navo” Muschio (Short ), and character designer Bertrand Todesco for the creation of the characters.

In this crazy sci-fi comedy, Thomas, a young man devastated by a breakup, and Eliott, his domestic robot, set off in search of Iris, the hero’s ex-girlfriend, across different places and times. A trip that will take them to England in the Middle Ages, to Berlin in 1944, to a pirate port in Reunion, to a pyramid in ancient Egypt or even to the palace of a shogun in Feudal Japan … Will they manage to find Iris’ father, a genius inventor stuck in the past, in time?

In addition to a solid dubbing cast, in which Cyprien gives the answer to Dorothée Pousséo (Harley Quinn) Brigitte Lecordier or Alison Wheeler, the 10 episodes of the series are riddled with references to pop-culture and video games, and summons everything a piece of SF cinema.

At the microphone of Allociné, Cyprien reviews the essential works around time travel and the field of possible narratives brought by this theme, from the influence of Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future trilogy to Terry Gilliam and his Army of 12 monkeys through The Visitors or the cult mp3 saga Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk.

The Temporal Epic season 1, from April 9 on Adult Swim:

Interview by Julia Fernandez

Frame and editing: Arthur Tourneret

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