The Teeth of the Sea on Netflix: 5 shark films to watch on the platforms – cine news

The teeth of the sea on netflix: 5 shark films to watch on the platforms - cine news

Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece “Teeth of the Sea” is available on Netflix. On this occasion, focus on five shark films that can be viewed on the platforms.


The first real shark film, The Teeth of the Sea has traumatized many generations. Steven Spielberg had the good idea not to show the cardboard shark much, which greatly accentuates the terror it arouses. Beyond its quality, the feature film has, through its box office success ($ 471 million in revenue!) Revolutionized the economy of cinema by giving birth to a type of film that is about to explode in the following decades: the blockbuster.


In In troubled waters, it is about a megalodon, the ancestor of the great white shark. Some scientists also think (this is the subject of the book from which the film is adapted) that it still exists, lurking in the depths. Jason Statham plays a rescuer-diver trying to face this giant monster 23 meters long … When it was released in 2019, the blockbuster was a considerable commercial success since it grossed close to 530 million global revenue dollars.


Signed Jaume Collet-Serra, to whom we owe the horror film The House of Wax and several action thrillers led by Liam Neeson, Survival Instinct sees a surfer find refuge on a rock 200 meters from the beach after have been attacked by a shark. But regaining dry land will be the deadliest battle … The athletic Blake Lively plays this courageous heroine brilliantly. If the whole is far-fetched (especially the final), the film has its share of effective scenes.

BLUE FEAR (2000)

Blue Fear is as much a shark film as it is an action and science fiction film. We follow scientists at the mercy of three sharks with over-developed intelligence in a laboratory at the bottom of the ocean. Much less terrifying than The Teeth of the Sea, Renny Harlin’s feature film (Cliffhanger) still has its share of enjoyable and surprising scenes. Among them, the one with LL Cool J trapped in an oven or even Thomas Jane having fun doing rodeo on the great whites …


In 2004, spectators discovered Open Water, a sort of marine Blair Witch Project where a couple of divers were lost in the ocean. A year later released the second opus which is (almost) not about sharks. With the third, shark film fans find their happiness since it is about three young people going to sea to indulge in a popular activity: cage diving. Unfortunately for them, a giant wave sinks their boat and they find themselves confronted with several great whites …

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