The tech industry’s winners and losers in lockdown

The windows of the promotional stores show figures of some of the main characters of Animal Crossing

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The friendly Animal Crossing gameplay has come to the perfect moment

The coronavirus pandemic was bad business news. But even though some tech companies have been tight, others have actually seen a boost.

Some were in the right place at the right time, while others saw the real world trade they rely on to close completely.

Winner: work from home

When your boss told you to start working from home, you might have had to hurry to get familiar with the new kit to do it.

Whole populations have done so, which is good news for software makers.

Despite some major public relations disasters related to privacy and security issues, EnlargeThe share price has more than doubled since December.

And its user numbers have exploded from 10 million a day to 200 million.

Once a relatively unknown business app, it has been used for everything from cabinet meetings to farm animal cameos.

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A California animal sanctuary offers Zoom cameos of farm animals

He is not alone

In March, Microsoft team said it had hit 44 million users, a 40% jump over a week.

Remote access software Teamviewer saw “an extra significant question”.

And the CEO of the popular business chat app slack setting reported repeated user records of all time day after day at the end of March.

Winner: game

When we have finished the working day, we are still at home.

IS Gaming he is doing well while people are stuck in the house and need an escape.

Literally, in the case of Animal Crossing, on Nintendo Switch: it puts the player on a deserted island on the run, building a colorful city populated by talking animals.

Players loved designing new houses and it is now the largest Nintendo game launch on the console.

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Media captionA couple whose marriage has been canceled has invited friends and family to see them tie the knot practically

Online games are also experiencing a huge increase in numbers, with the new Call of Duty game reaching tens of millions of players.

Analysts estimate that game sales increase by around 35% year-on-year.

And hardware has increased by 63%, which means that consoles are often out of stock.

However, today’s success may not last.

New games and consoles still in progress may be delayed.

The Xbox boss says the industry will suffer pain in 2021.

And stock prices are taking a hit, despite good sales data.

Winner: streaming

However, it’s not just about games.

We are also putting in a good chunk of the money that we are not spending on going to other entertainment.

Netflix has attracted 16 million new subscribers.

And having already shot all of its content for the year, he says, he plans new content for the months to come.

Disney +meanwhile, it was perfectly positioned for the blockade, launch in the UK and other markets in late March.

At that point, it already had over 33 million subscribers.

He now has nearly 55 million, making him Netflix’s biggest competitor.

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Disney + owns the rights to the Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars properties

With the cinemas closed, big current the films went directly to digital.

And this has been so successful, Universal said it wants it to continue after the blockade ends, starting a huge line with the world’s largest movie chain.

TV and movies aside, Spotify has hit 130 million paid subscribers in blockade.

However, he makes some of his money from advertising on his free service – and that’s completely dried up.

Mixed bag: fitness

ClassPass, a website that offers access to gymnastics classes, turned into an online lessons streaming platform after the gyms have been closed.

And he says the demand for his new venture is high.

But that didn’t stop him from abandoning or relocating most of his staff after losing 95% of his income.

Home fitness, however, is going well.

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Peleton is feeding some initial sobs

peloton he was already organizing spinning classes streamed over the Internet to promote his fitness bikes.

And although he had to close his studies after a coronavirus case, his most recent financial results show that sales have increased by over 60%.

And it’s not just the big companies that win here.

YouTuber Joe Wicks has reached new levels of fame with his home workouts, setting a Guinness World Record for YouTube’s biggest livestream.

And the major sports brands are said to be offering to sponsor it.

Mixed bag: Amazon

On surface, Amazon he experienced difficult times during the pandemic.

Warehouse workers who have long complained about poor conditions have organized limited strikes.

Then, internal documents leaked that insulted one of the organizers.

And France has banned Amazon’s non-essential sales while investigating security issues.

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Activists paint a message outside one of Jeff Bezos’ homes

But founder Jeff Bezos – the richest man on Earth – reportedly increased his net worth by $ 24 billion in bulk.

And Amazon’s share price rose as competition from High Street ended.

But Amazon is also one of the largest cloud computing companies in the world.

And some believe that there is a possibility that part of the business may suffer a blow from other troubled companies that are unable to pay their bills.

Loser: transport

We are playing and watching movies because we are not going anywhere.

And auto sales in the UK have been at their lowest levels since 1946.

Uber, meanwhile, is cutting thousands of jobs in its offices.

And this does not include drivers, who are self-employed and face the same crisis.

E-scooters are also under pressure, as they have had to shut down operations in some cities.

But it may not last.

They are currently banned from public roads in the UK.

But a British retailer says sales have grown anyway.

And the government is speeding up a process, so they can be used instead of subway trains once the restrictions decrease.

Loser: technical intermediaries

Even companies that don’t produce real-world physical products that people buy – but that act as an intermediary for the people who do it – hurt.

AirBnB relies on people who pay taxes when they stay with ordinary people.

But social distancing stopped that dead man.

And the company laid off a quarter of its staff, around 1,900 people.

Likewise, review site Yap cut a third of its workforce, a few weeks after the crisis, after restaurants and bars closed their doors.

Even before the blockade, We work, who rents offices and then transforms them into shared office spaces, was to be saved by one of its main investors, Softbank.

But that deal has now collapsed.

And Reuters reports that most of Softbank’s starter fund is tied to companies that are severely affected by the virus.

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