The Surprising Stories of 7 Heisman Trophy Winners

The Heisman Trophy is awarded annually by the Downtown Athletic Club to the best player in the top division of college football. While many of those who hoisted the named trophy for football coach and pioneer John Heisman initially pursued careers in the NFL, the lives of these seven winners have taken very different paths:

1. 1935: Jay Berwanger, first winner of the Heisman Trophy, spends his career in the NFL

Weeks after becoming the first recipient of the Downtown Athletic Club Trophy, as the Heisman Trophy was originally known, Berwanger made football history again when the Philadelphia Eagles selected him as their first draft pick. of the NFL. Professional football had yet to become a lucrative business, and while the University of Chicago senior reportedly demanded to be paid $ 1,000 per game, Philadelphia was offering no more than $ 150.

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